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Jan 01, 1998

When braking my steering wheel rattles and shakes.

Dear Car Talk

First of all I have to disagree with you gentlemen on your opinion of BMW drivers we don't ALL drive on the sidewalk I have a e and it has a problem I cannot figure out Sometimes when I step...

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Nov 01, 1997

Shouldn't a brake specialist be able to prove with a micrometer that a rotor is too thin to be recut before insisting on new rotors?

Dear Car Talk

When my grandson was visiting me during his last college break the brakes on his old Honda conked out His dad wired money for a minimum brake job what father wouldn't But the young man called me in a panic...

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Oct 01, 1996

What's the clicking sound coming from my left wheel?

Dear Car Talk

I am driving a Chevy Celebrity with approximately miles There is a loud clicking sound emanating from the left front wheel The click is apparent at any speed but it sounds faster at higher speeds Three different mechanics have checked...

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Feb 01, 1994

I have a clicking noise coming from the right rear...

Dear Car Talk

I have a clicking noise coming from the right rear wheel of my Datsun SX This noise comes and goes but it keeps getting worse and worse The noise always stops when I apply the brake My mechanic and Midas...

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