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Lawn mowers
Aug 19, 2016

Lawnmower Lessons

Tim Cotton

Find out why a rudimentary knowledge of the internal combustion engine can be an asset when trying to meet your future significant other.


is a honda del sol not masculine
Jul 12, 2012

Should Steve Keep His "Chick Car"?

Dear Car Talk

Steve was shocked to discover that his red Honda del Sol is a "chick car". Can Tom and Ray convince him to be secure enough in his masculinity to face the (adorable) facts about this car? Plus Tom shares one of the lesser-known benefits for men who drive "chick" cars. Find out why Tom and Ray think Steve should drive his del Sol with pride, right here. 


Jan 24, 2012

Tom and Ray Help Out Cupid

Staff Blog

Tom and Ray help a nice young lady impress her date.

romance mail bag

Do mechanics wear wedding rings at work
May 01, 2009

Today: Tom and Ray help Rachel reel in a mechanic-- for a date!

Dear Car Talk

If a mechanic is not wearing a wedding ring, is that a true indication of his marital status? I think my mechanic is HOT, but I'm wondering if he doesn't wear a ring because working on cars would destroy it...


Apr 01, 2002

What's the personality profile of someone who drives a Suburu Forester?

Dear Car Talk

I have become very interested in someone and I'm trying to decide if I should ask him out or not I noticed that he drives a Subaru Forester and I cannot figure out what that says about the kind of...


Dec 01, 2000

How do I act on the crush I have on my mechanic?

Dear Car Talk

I need some help You see I have a crush on my mechanic but I can't seem to bring myself to just ask him on a date or ask if he has a significant other I keep stopping in with...


Oct 01, 1993

Checking the oil correctly may interfere with someone's romantic plans.

Dear Car Talk

I teach at a major university about miles from my home During the work week my home away from home is in an apartment complex inhabited primarily by university students Through my window I recently watched a student-age fellow check...

romance oil