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How to avoid wildlife encounters while driving
Jul 06, 2012

Roadside Safari

Kieran Lindsey

Ever wonder why road trips are such a great opportunity to spot wildlife? Dr. Kieran Lindsay has answers. 

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can i use a gas generator to charge an electric car battery
Jun 12, 2012

John's Electric Car Road Trip: Bogus or Brilliant?

Dear Car Talk

John has an idea to help fully electric cars go the distance on road trips: pack your own generator. Will this actualy work, or will Tom and Ray send him back to the drawing board?

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Sep 10, 2010

More Pit Stops on the Highway to Hell: Road Trip Horror Stories, Part One

Jim Motavalli

You've seen the original Highway to Hell: Well, here are more unbelievable tales from our overflowing in box. Stay tuned for the second installment.

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Are occasional long drives good for a car
Sep 01, 2009


Dear Car Talk

My sister and I recently had an argument. She drives only short distances, rarely more than five miles. She wants her '98 Buick Regal with 40,000 miles to last as long as possible. Therefore, she refused to drive the 350 miles to...

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Feb 01, 2009

Today: Don and his mid-life crisis VW Bug.

Dear Car Talk

I just turned 40, ughhhh, so I guess I have hit my "midlife crisis." Unlike my friends, I don't want a Porsche or a Ferrari. I want a late-'50s to early-'60s VW Bug. That's right, a VW Bug. I...

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Dec 01, 2008

Today: how would you split road trip costs with a friend?

Dear Car Talk

A friend and I took a trip in my car. The gasoline bill was $40. What percent should he pay when I consider wear and tear on my vehicle? How do I calculate the bill fairly? -- Ralph...

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will the car i garaged while i was overseas do ok on a road trip when i return
Oct 01, 2007

Richard's got a road-trip looming, with a Jeep that hasn't been touched in a year. Should he take any special precautions?

Dear Car Talk

I am a jet engine mechanic ("Jet Mech") in the Air Force and have been overseas for one year now. This is quite a common problem for all of us in the armed forces. I am due to return to...

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what do i need to do to own a bus to drive to burning man
May 01, 2003

Any thoughts on buying a school bus to take to Burning Man?

Dear Car Talk

I along with about friends am determined to go to the Burning Man festival in Nevada this summer We would like to purchase or rent a school bus capable of making the round trip from Seattle Is this feasible Where...

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what shoud a tool kit for a car going on a road trip contain
Apr 01, 2003

You should bring along ignition coils on your roadtrip as your VW Golf is infamous for having theirs fail.

Dear Car Talk

After years of driving bondo-colored bolt buckets with beach towels for upholstery I finally got a real car one made in the current decade It's a VW Golf and I want to take care of it I am also planning...

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Jun 01, 2001

Could a 30-year old VW bus make it through a 7k mile roadtrip?

Dear Car Talk

As soon as I graduate from high school my friends and I are planning to buy a VW Microbus and drive it around the United States I figure it's roughly to miles round trip from Dallas to California to Washington...

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