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Cloudy sky and open highway
May 07, 2019

Starre Trip: Across America with an $850 Van

Jim Motavalli

The bargain Pontiac's name was Ethel, and her mission was to deliver a couch from Connecticut to Washington State.

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Clive Birtles and dog, Wowser, in Flanders Touring Car, 1912
Jan 11, 2018

Wowser and Dinkum's Australian Road Trip


What's the story behind this photo? Car Talk's animal experts did some research and here's what they found.

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Dec 20, 2017

Top 5 Reasons You Should Travel By Car For The Holidays

J.C. Howard

Going somewhere this holiday season? Here's why we think you should rent a car and drive.

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Kia Rio with Maine scenery
Sep 25, 2017

Millinocket, Maine Lost Its Mill--But is Hoping for a Revival.

Jim Motavalli

Interior Maine is hard-hit as one-industry towns lose their paper mills. The adventure tourism industry--think whitewater rafting--offers an alternative, but will old-timers embrace change?

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Dog-friendly hotels
Sep 29, 2016

We'll Leave the Bowl Out for You


Planning a road trip with your pet? Car Talk's pet experts recommend dog friendly hotels.

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Dog camping in a camper van
Aug 09, 2016

A Man, a Plan, a Van . . . a Can(ine)?


Life in a 1987 Vanagon with two humans and one dog. 

pets road trips vans Volkswagen Vanagon

Jul 21, 2016

America's Oddest Highway Attractions

Jim Motavalli

The Old Weird US of A still lives, out there on Route 66, the old Lincoln Highway, and byways across the country. 

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Bringing a dog on vacation.
Jun 29, 2016

Advice For Bringing Fido on Vacation


Is your dog a model hotel guest? Or would he be better off skipping this year's road trip? Advice from Car Talk's pet experts. 

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Apr 18, 2016

"Barn Finds" Are Still Out There, Rusting in Peace

Jim Motavalli

Tom Cotter is an old car sleuth extraordinaire, and in his latest book he uncovers 1,000 collectible cars in two weeks. But don't expect bargains--owner/hoarders have unrealistic ideas about value.

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Should parts be replaced before they fail
Sep 01, 2015

Should Lee Replace Parts Before Long Trip?

Dear Car Talk

Lee's taking a cross-country road trip in a fifteen year old car. Does Car Talk recommend any preventative maintenance before the trip? Find out here.

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