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2018 Audi Q7
Aug 31, 2018

Aging Hippies Opt for Luxury SUVs

Jim Motavalli

I take a fancy Audi Q7 to The Shires of Vermont and a brand-new folk/old-time festival.

reviews Audi Q7 2018

Genesis concept car
Jul 18, 2018

In the Beginning: The Genesis G70

Jim Motavalli

Hyundai has big plans for its high-end spinoff brand, Genesis. The new G70 is on the performance end of its "athletic elegance" spectrum. The company is bringing out six new models by 2021.

reviews Hyundai Genesis

2018 Volkswagen Jetta
Apr 20, 2018

2019 VW Jetta: Big Car, Small Price, Great Fuel Economy

Jim Motavalli

The seventh generation Jetta is more aerodynamic, roomier, and improved in almost every way.

reviews Volkswagen Jetta

Red VW Golf R
Feb 06, 2018

VW's Sleeper: The $40,000 Golf R Looks Mild, but Really Roars

Jim Motavalli

VW sticks with hot hatches (and pivots electric) as the market obsesses over crossovers. Volkswagen is in penance mode.

reviews Volkswagen Golf R

Jun 21, 2017

Bucket-List Benz: From Whistler to Vancouver in the E-Class Coupe

Jim Motavalli

The two-door midsize Mercedes showcases high tech, safety and luxury appointments.

reviews coupes Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2017

Volvo XC60
Jun 08, 2017

Volvo's New XC60 is an Ultra-Safe Luxury Package

Jim Motavalli

Volvo is staying competitive with a brand-new product line--including the refreshed XC60, aimed straight at the luxury crossover buyer.

auto industry reviews Volvo XC60

May 02, 2017

If It Can Make It Here: The New Volkswagen e-Golf in Manhattan

Jim Motavalli

VW updated its electric e-Golf with more power and range. Since EVs are supposed to be city cars, I took it into the maelstrom that is Times Square.

electric vehicles reviews Volkswagen e-Golf 2017

VW Atlas
Apr 07, 2017

Atlas: Will It Hold Up Volkswagen's World?

Jim Motavalli

Under fire, the German automaker has a lot riding on its new made-in-America midsized SUV. Fortunately, this crossover is aimed squarely at the U.S. heartland.


Review: Mazda Miata MX-5 hardtop convertible
Mar 06, 2017

Mazda 2017: The Miata's New Retractable Hardtop, and the Quieter CX-5 Goes Upscale

Jim Motavalli

Mazda has only two-percent global market share, but with the new Miata RF and CX-5, it's trying harder.

reviews convertibles Mazda Miata MX-5

Toyota Prius Prime
Jan 20, 2017

Whatta Deal! Toyota's Prius Prime Is a Green Bargain

Jim Motavalli

Toyota's new plug-in hybrid comes loaded and with rebates it's actually cheaper than less capable, more bare-bones Priuses. Is that the right plural for Prius? Priuses?

reviews Land Rover Range Rover Toyota Prius 2017