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Dec 01, 1997

Where can I find a wiring diagram for a 1956 Mercury Monterey?

Dear Car Talk

I am looking for a print of a wiring diagram for a Mercury Monterey I am mostly interested in the gas- and oil-gauge section -- Michel TOM Do you want a framed print And does it have to be original...

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Mar 01, 1995

Where can I find parts for the Dodge Dart I'm attempting to restore?

Dear Car Talk

I'm in the process of restoring a Dodge Dart and my only problem so far is trying to find weather stripping for the trunk and the doors I called all the Dodge dealers in my area and every one of...

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Aug 01, 1991

Making a car look like new again takes many, many years of practice.

Dear Car Talk

I want to do some body work on my pickup truck However I have no experience at this and wondered how I might get started The truck is several years old and paid for so I do not want to...

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