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Off-duty police officer wearing fanny pack
Jan 23, 2017

Will Hitchhike For Shrimp

Tim Cotton

Our blogger Tim Cotton on hitchhiking, police conferences and why it's always worth it to upgrade your rental car (when somebody else is paying.)

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May 23, 2016

In the Driver's Seat of Hertz' New Mustang GT-H

Jim Motavalli

Fifty years ago, Hertz rented out Carroll Shelby's hot GT350 Ford fastback. Now, for nostalgia or fun, you can grab an even faster version. I did.

renting high performance Ford Mustang

Is resting a car for long trips cheaper
Mar 10, 2015

Jan vs. Husband: Rental for a Road Trip?

Dear Car Talk

Is it cheaper to rent on long road trips, or to drive your own car? Car Talk weighs in on Jan's problem.

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Whether to rent a car for business trips
Jan 30, 2014

Business Trips: To Rent or Not to Rent

Dear Car Talk

Tom and Ray advise Kyle who wonders whether it's better to rent a car for business trips or take the mileage reimbursement and use his own car.


Feb 01, 2001

Are we crazy to buy a used car that used to be a rental?

Dear Car Talk

My wife and I are looking at a used car a Mazda from a rental company The advantages we see are a lower price than buying from a dealer good selection and accurate maintenance records -- not to mention a...

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Sep 01, 1991

Putting the miles on someone else's car...

Dear Car Talk

I read your recent column from someone named Heather She was trying to decide whether she should drive to New Orleans or fly to New Orleans I thought you and your readers might be interested in our solution to a...

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