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distracted driving
Feb 07, 2010

Studying the Obvious

Guest Bloggers

Some have accused us of studying the obvious. In our defense, I would note that what might seem to be obvious might not be true.

regulation distracted driving

cell phone bans
Jan 30, 2010

Do cell phone laws make the roads any safer?

Guest Bloggers

Every state legislature has considered regulations that would prohibit the use of cell phones while driving. Will these laws make the roads any safer?

distracted driving regulation

which SUV has the most head room
Mar 01, 2004

Suburu scores high on headroom, but low on environmental ethics. Read on.

Dear Car Talk

On your show a few weeks ago I heard a guy explaining why he needed a huge Chevy Tahoe After hearing his needs you recommended a Subaru Forester to him and he seemed to imply that the Tahoe has more...

fuel economy regulation Subaru

May 01, 1998

Can I disconnect the airbags of my wife's car...for her own good?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Honda Accord EX I got married and haven't driven the car since She drives the Accord and I've been banished to her old car a Chevy Beretta I would like to disconnect the air bags on the...

safety safety features regulation airbags

Oct 01, 1997

You should only use high-octane fuel if your owner's manual specifically recommends it...and the FTC backs us up!

Dear Car Talk

We at the Federal Trade Commission would like you guys to help spread the word about buying -- and not overbuying -- the proper octane gasoline For years gasoline companies have been pitching higher-octane gasoline as a way to lower...

regulation gasoline

Apr 01, 1997

How can I protect myself from my own airbag when I'm only 5 feet tall and must sit close to the steering wheel?

Dear Car Talk

have here is not a trivial lava lamp type question but a serious life or death kind of problem I'm a little surprised you haven't addressed this one yet Nearly a year ago my stalled VW Cabriolet got creamed from...

safety safety features regulation airbags

Dec 01, 1996

Is it true that new federal regulations prohibit asbestos brake pads from being sold?

Dear Car Talk

My dealer tells me that the reason I have to get brakes on my Nissan Stanza about every six months is because of new federal regulations which prohibit the use of asbestos brakes which used to last longer Is this...

brake pads regulation

Oct 01, 1994

Does the law require that an entire seat belt be replaced rather than just the defective part?

Dear Car Talk

The spring broke inside the clasp on the driver's side seat belt on my Bronco II The spring is for the button you push to release the belt A Ford dealer told me that I would need to purchase an...

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Oct 01, 1994

It's not only unsafe to coast with your engine off, it's illegal.

Dear Car Talk

I really enjoy your column and have learned a lot over many years reading it I have a Toyota Tercel with a standard transmission I am on social security so I'm trying to save every penny I can I spend...

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Jun 01, 1994

My question concerns air conditioner freon and the EPA regulations...

Dear Car Talk

My question concerns air conditioner freon and the EPA regulations My Dodge Dynasty has an ineffective air conditioner I suspect it's because it's low on freon My dealer tells me that if it is leaking freon there is an EPA...

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