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Chevron pollutes the Amazon in Ecuador
Jul 29, 2011

You Shouldn't Trust Your Car to the Men Who Wore the Star

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

If you're the sort of person who stopped filling up at BP stations after the Gulf Horizon disaster, here's hoping you're not shopping for gasoline at Chevron, owner of Texaco, instead.

oil industry regulation

Jun 30, 2011

Cellulosic Ethanol: Corn's Cleaner (and Better) Cousin

Kieran Lindsey

Corn ethanol never made any sense, either economically or environmentally. Congress is finally killing corn ethanol subsidies, but it shouldn't abandon ethanol entirely. Made from the fiber of plants and with a really good energy balance, cellulosic ethanol is the better alternative.

alternative energy regulation

Better fuel emissions are impossible
Jun 21, 2011

When Industry Says It Can't Be Done That's When You Know It Can

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

By the time Anthony Weiner got around to avowing recently that the content of any texts he sent minor females was not "indecent" was there anyone still inclined to take his word for it? That's the way I feel when I hear the American automobile industry howl with pain over their own dire prophesies when discussing proposed fuel economy regulations.

regulation fuel economy emissions

Jun 15, 2011

The Cat Fight Over the Fuel Economy Rules: Would 62 mpg Bankrupt Detroit?

Jim Motavalli

Automakers and environmentalists are in a battle royal over not just a federal fuel economy standard (greens want 62 mpg, the industry will settle for 47) but over how it will affect future sales. Lions don't lie down with lambs, so don't expect a happy resolution with everybody singing "Kumbaya."

fuel economy legislation regulation

1975 Ford Pinto Runaround
Mar 24, 2011

Don't Like Government Regulation? How'd You Like Another Pinto?

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

September 11th: A day that lives in infamy for more reasons than one. Thirty-one years to the day before the vicious attack that took so many lives on this date in New York City in 2001, the Ford Motor Co. introduced the Pinto.

regulation safety Ford Pinto

Oct 15, 2010

LaHood Sticks His Neck Out for Safety

Staff Blog

We all know what happens to politicians who take courageous stances.  Raise the retirement age for social security so it'll stay solvent?   Raise taxes to pay for the services we want?  Use a gasoline tax to decrease our dependence on foreign oil?  Cut the military to where it's only nine times...

distracted driving regulation

distracted driving regulation
Sep 29, 2010

The water balloon theory of driver distraction...

Guest Bloggers

One thing about a water balloon, if you push on one side, it will squish out somewhere else until it bursts...not unlike distracted driving legislation.

distracted driving legislation regulation

texting while driving
Sep 23, 2010

National Distracted Driving Summit

Guest Bloggers

I just returned from the National Distracted Driving Summit in Washington DC. Here is my take on things...

distracted driving legislation regulation

legislating handheld devices
May 22, 2010

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood Answers Nine Questions from Car Talk

Guest Bloggers

Tom and Ray sat down to ask Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood several questions about driver distraction.

distracted driving regulation legislation

distracted driving legislation
Mar 09, 2010

On Nanny State Legislation

Guest Bloggers

Texting while driving is dangerous. The odds of crashing are 8 times higher than driving without distraction. That’s worse than the crash risk for drivers intoxicated by alcohol at the legal limit!

distracted driving regulation legislation