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our ford focus wagon burned my wife and her clothes with its seat warmer
Jul 01, 2006

Bill's wife's butt is SO HOT... thanks to an overheating Ford seat warmer. What can he do? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

My wife's butt is SO HOT ... and it was caused by a 2003 Ford Focus Wagon's "seat warmers"! The seat warmers burned the seat material and my wife's new winter coat! I wrote Ford's Consumer Affairs department to warn them of...

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guidance on oil filter replacement for the honda cr-v
Feb 01, 2005

Update: What's being done in response to fire danger reported in 2003-05 Honda CR-Vs?

Dear Car Talk

I read your recent column about Honda's actions regarding fires in - CR-Vs Editor's note Fires were being reported immediately following oil changes due to oil from an incorrectly installed oil filter dripping on the hot exhaust Honda blames improper...

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what shoud a tool kit for a car going on a road trip contain
Apr 01, 2003

You should bring along ignition coils on your roadtrip as your VW Golf is infamous for having theirs fail.

Dear Car Talk

After years of driving bondo-colored bolt buckets with beach towels for upholstery I finally got a real car one made in the current decade It's a VW Golf and I want to take care of it I am also planning...

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why did car talk warn listeners about investigations about the ford focus if there are no conclusions
Jan 01, 2003

Can you be more specific about the investigations you talked about regarding the Ford Focus?

Dear Car Talk

I have listened to your radio show for maybe years and I read your column religiously I've enjoyed every minute of it and I've never disagreed -- you're funny knowledgeable and fair -- until recently You wrote a column about...

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May 01, 2002

Lexus, aka Toyota, dances around poor engine design by talking about "oil gelling".

Dear Car Talk

My wife owns a Lexus RX Recently we received a letter from Lexus on the subject of engine oil gelling The following is an exact quote from the letter Engine oil gelling occurs when old dirty oil becomes thick and...

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Sep 01, 2001

What recourse do I have after an airbag spontaneously explodes?

Dear Car Talk

Last Thursday the passenger-side air bag on our Nissan Quest exploded deployed doesn't exactly capture it as my wife turned the ignition in the driveway Our -year-old daughter was in the front passenger seat and had just pulled down the...

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Feb 01, 2001

If Honda issued a recall on a part only five days AFTER that part failed on my car, should they be liable for damages?

Dear Car Talk

Last month my Honda Accord died My mechanic says a seal broke and my camshaft snapped After some investigation on my own I found that American Honda recalled the Balancer Shaft Seal five days after my incident So to make...

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Dec 01, 2000

Do dealers really have such a thing as a "secret recall list"?

Dear Car Talk

Most car manufacturers have a list of defects that they will fix for free or at reduced cost if the consumer complains enough They aren't publicized and the manufacturers don't want you to know about them I've heard these referred...

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Oct 01, 2000

Is it safe to put Bridgestone tires on my car after all of the problems that company has been having?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Toyota RAV that came with Bridgestone tires The front tires lasted more than miles We replaced them with another pair of Bridgestones because we were so impressed Now after more than miles the rear tires need replacing...

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Nov 01, 1999

If the solenoids I paid to replace are later recalled am I entitles to a refund?

Dear Car Talk

My mother had the power door lock solenoids burn up while she was in her Toyota Camry She had to climb out the window to escape My father had to remove all of the solenoids himself so that the doors...

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