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Air-Bag Recall Is a Risk-Management Issue
Oct 17, 2017

Air-Bag Recall Is a Risk-Management Issue

Dear Car Talk

So your car still has an airbag recall. Do you drive it, deal witih a lesser loaner, or invent protective garb?

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Auto recalls
Dec 15, 2015

VIDEO: Ray and the Motorin' Tabernacle Choir Present The 12 Days of Recalls

Craig Fitzgerald

Folks, it has been a banner year for fails on the part of the world's auto manufacturers. To celebrate the occasion, Ray and the Motorin' Tabernacle Choir present their rendition of that old holiday classic, The 12 Recalls of Christmas. More info on these recalls here.


Apr 01, 2014

GM: Don't Fight the Victims' Compensation Fund

Jim Motavalli

GM has known about problems with its ignitions for more than a decade, investigators say, so now's the time to fess up, come clean, and start rebuilding trust.

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GM recall
Mar 20, 2014

Total Recall: GM Bites the Bullet

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

"Unmitigated crap cans from the day they left the factories... these flawed, uncompetitive machines bespoke GM’s utter indifference to cars as it chased rich SUV profits..."

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Where to park a recalled Honda Fit
Nov 26, 2013

Today: Nervous About Recall Warning

Dear Car Talk

Tom and Ray counsel a nervous Honda Fit owner who's been advised not to park his car in the garage until a fire-causing defect is repaired. How worried should he be? Tom and Ray say it's possible he can ignore the warnin. For example, if he's been wanting an excuse to remodel his garage...

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Mazda6 recalled due to spiders
Mar 03, 2012

Mazda recall due to... Spiders?!

Kieran Lindsey

This sounds too bizarre to be true. Fortunately, our Wildlife Guru, Kieran Lindsey, graciously agreed to untangle the web for us wildlife morons at Car Talk Plaza. Here's what she found out.

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how can I get the dealer to fix a faulty airbag
Jul 01, 2010

Eileen gets a nasty air bag surprise.

Dear Car Talk

I hope you can help me. My rear passenger side air bag deployed, along with the passenger side mid bag and the window shield. There was no impact. I was moving at 35-40 mph on a smooth road with no...

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Prius braking ABS system
May 01, 2010

Is the interrupted braking sensation on Betsy's Prius really "normal"?

Dear Car Talk

Every time I am braking and go over a bump in our 2008 Prius (a frequent occurrence in hilly San Francisco), the anti-lock braking system kicks in. The problem is that when it does so, it feels like the brakes disengage...

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What to do if gas pedal sticks to floor
Feb 01, 2010

Today: What to do if unintended acceleration happens to you.

Dear Car Talk

Recently, there was a large recall of Toyotas because the gas pedal could get stuck on the floor mat and cause the car to keep accelerating wildly. Yesterday the pedal got stuck in my 2008 Honda Accord. What should you do...

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