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Apr 01, 2001

Microsoft Windows for automobiles? We're not a fan of the idea.

Dear Car Talk

I just heard on the news that Microsoft has announced a special version of Windows for automotive application It sounds like my future cars will have computer-Internet interfaces hard-wired as standard equipment I generally keep my cars for eight to...

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Mar 01, 1996

Don't ever, ever keep driving if your brakes have failed without having a mechanic check your car out.

Dear Car Talk

Finding myself hemmed in at a baseball game I managed to get my right front wheel of my front wheel drive car stuck in a small ditch After rocking back and forth I got it free I proceeded on my...

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Jul 01, 1995

And yet another parking light aficionado...

Dear Car Talk

Parking lights needed and justified or a relic from the past Both As defined in the SAE Society of Automotive Engineers in Surface Vehicle Standard J Parking lamps whether separate or combined with other lamps are located on both the...

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