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Aug 01, 1994

Last summer while on a trip my Buick LeSabre with...

Dear Car Talk

Last summer while on a trip my Buick LeSabre with miles overheated due to the radiator being clogged Replacement of the radiator solved the problem I annually drain flush and replace the antifreeze but I can't seem to get the...

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Jul 01, 1993

A car that always runs hot may need to be seen by a radiator specialist.

Dear Car Talk

My wife owns a Nissan Sentra She is always concerned about the temperature gauge reading close to or at the end of the H range This happens especially while going up hills on hot days The dealership checked it out...


Oct 01, 1992

Bob looks for advice on taking coolant samples.

Dear Car Talk

Can I check the anti-freeze in my radiator by taking out fluid from the overflow tank rather than the radiator itself Will the mix in the overflow tank be the same as in the radiator Bob RAY Well Bob generally...

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