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Apr 01, 2008

Today: Tom and Ray address a cardboard controversy.

Dear Car Talk

A group of us get together at a diner for coffee most mornings. Recently I made a critical error and told the guys that I had put a piece of cardboard in front of my radiator for the winter. So...

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Jan 01, 2008

Can an egg really help plug a radiator leak?

Dear Car Talk

Following an end-of-semester party, my university English students were headed home for the holidays -- sober, at least for the moment. One of the girls said she was concerned about driving home in the snow with a radiator that had...

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Jun 01, 2007

From eggs to additives, Tom and Ray offer ideas to help Lynne plug a leak in her radiator.

Dear Car Talk

I recently found out that my '88 Subaru needs a new radiator because there is a place where it is spewing a small amount of water, causing my motor to overheat about every 7 miles. I asked my son if it...

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advice on replacing a radiator with a brass one
Nov 01, 2005

My plastic radiator blew in extreme stop-and-go traffic. Should I replace it with metal?

Dear Car Talk

I was in the mass exodus from Houston during Hurricane Rita when I got stuck in the slowest-moving traffic that I have ever been in. My car overheated, and the plastic side of the radiator exploded. One person told me...


can replacing the radiator regularly extend the life of a car
Aug 01, 2004

Should radiators be replaced as part of regularly scheduled maintenance?

Dear Car Talk

I was told that a good way to extend the life of a car is to periodically replace the radiator Is this an urban myth or a useful suggestion If it is a helpful suggestion does it pertain to all...

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could macguyver really have sealed radiator holes with egg whites
Jul 01, 2004

Would MacGyver's DIY radiator repair actually work in real life?

Dear Car Talk

I love your column guys I'm curious about a rerun of MacGyver that I saw last week He was trying to escape from San Arugula or someplace south of the border He found an abandoned jeep and of course got...

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was permanent damage done to my car when my mechanic left a clamp on it
Jul 01, 2004

Did leaving a clamp off my radiator hose do any lasting damage?

Dear Car Talk

About two months ago the Toyota dealer left a clamp off my radiator hose after servicing my car After almost making it home about miles the car began to steam This was my first hint that the car was overheating...

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how to quiet a radiator fill cap at high altitude
Dec 01, 2003

Overheating engine above 8,500 feet.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Dodge D x truck The truck's cooling system has a problem of overheating when I get to altitudes over feet The radiator fill cap is rated at pounds It acts like a university student after a frat...


Sep 01, 2002

To flush or not to flush.

Dear Car Talk

I've got a Geo Prizm with about miles It's only been flushed once at about miles I was advised not to flush it as it might cause everything to come loose and I'd need a new radiator which I can't...

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Jan 01, 2000

Did leaving the radiator cap off do any lasting damage?

Dear Car Talk

I took my car in for an oil change and a couple of hours later the temperature gauge started to go up I drove a short distance to a gas station as the temperature continued to climb toward H I...

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