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Jan 01, 2000

Just because you're 75 years old, it doesn't mean that racing your sports car on city streets is a good idea.

Dear Car Talk

My son told me about you guys and said I should write to you I'm a -year-old lady and I own a Nissan ZX sports car in great condition I love this car I like to drive fast One of...

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Jun 01, 1995

Chris sets us straight on nitrogen filled racing tires.

Dear Car Talk

I thought you two knew a thing or two Boy was I wrong You two missed the boat on the question of why race cars use nitrogen in their tires Tire pressure and the resulting diameter are extremely critical to...

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Apr 01, 1995

What are stock cars?

Dear Car Talk

I've read your interesting column about cars and admire your in-depth knowledge I have a question that has concerned me for a long time about stock cars as driven in stock car races such as the Daytona These cars are...


Mar 01, 1995

Why was nitrogen used in race car tires?

Dear Car Talk

The recent inquiry about using nitrogen in tires caught my eye I was in the automobile trade in the s and s The only time I remember using nitrogen in tires was at the Indianapolis speedway Race cars there used...

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Sep 01, 1994

I am an year old who wants to be a...

Dear Car Talk

I am an year old who wants to be a chief mechanic for Indy cars Exactly how do you become one Jason TOM Well there are three steps Jason First you have to become a mechanic And you can do...

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