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Car Talk crossword puzzle NY Times
Mar 07, 2014

Car Talk Crossword Puzzle Challenge!

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UPDATED! Puzzler Master Will Shortz was on Car Talk this weekend! In honor of his appearance with Tom and Ray, we challenge you to solve this crossword puzzle all about... us! No kidding. It's authored by a Car Talk fan and actual New York Times crossword creator. (What's a smart guy like that doing listening to our show? That's the real puzzle.)

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May 13, 2010

You Know You've Arrived, When...

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Tom and Ray have been on The Tonight Show. They've done Letterman. They've won the (once prestigious, until they got it) Peabody Award. But now, at long last, we've really hit the big time! From listener  William DeBuvitz: CarTalk is in a NY TIMES crossword puzzle. The 5/11/10 NY TIMES crossword...

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