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Aug 01, 1998

Any idea what could cause a sudden brake failure?

Dear Car Talk

My adult daughter was driving my Toyota Camry when she was involved in an accident due to reported failure of the brakes She badly bruised the palm and little finger of her right hand in an attempt to apply the...

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Feb 01, 1994

My Toyota Camry is an excellent car in most every...

Dear Car Talk

My Toyota Camry is an excellent car in most every way However about three months ago I had driven a short distance from home when all of a sudden the car developed a shimmy very much like driving on a...

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Oct 01, 1993

Engage the parking brake before or after shifting into "Park"?

Dear Car Talk

I told a friend that she should use her parking brake before she puts her automatic transmission in Park I told her that she should do this to save the wear and tear on the parking pawl and prevent it...

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Jan 01, 1992

The Brooklyn Bridge isn't for sale anymore.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Honda Prelude with four wheel disc brakes and miles The brake pads and rotors are in excellent condition and work perfectly The problem is that my parking brake is frozen from lack of use and will not...

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May 01, 1991

This week, a Celebrity Roast.

Dear Car Talk

I own a four cylinder Chevy Celebrity My problem is with the brakes About a year ago I had my brake shoes rotors and pads replaced For a few months the brakes worked fine Then my right rear brake seemed...

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Apr 01, 1991

Once again, we present a marital dispute!

Dear Car Talk

Once again you are going to be asked to solve a marital dispute Our problems arise when we park our respective stick shift cars and the object of the disagreement is the parking brake I always engage the brake while...

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Feb 01, 1991

Betty's Nova lights up

Dear Car Talk

I have a Chevrolet Nova For over a month now I've noticed that the Emergency Brake light on the dash stays on for the first fifteen minutes of driving every morning It seems to be taking longer and longer now...

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Dec 01, 1990

Brake fluid contamination? Or simple obfuscation?

Dear Car Talk

Recently the brakes on my Olds Royale Brougham went to the floor while my wife was driving She had to pump them to get them back We took the car to a muffler brake shop and were told that the...

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Dec 01, 1988

Is it okay to park a car in first gear?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mazda GLC with a -speed manual transmission I was taught to park the car with the shifter in neutral and the parking brake engaged However I notice that whenever I bring my car in for service no...

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