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is there a proper series of steps to park on a hill
Sep 12, 2012

Bad News for Lynnay: Her Mother Is Right

Dear Car Talk

Lynnay's mother is adamant that there is a right way to park, and equally adamant that Lynnay is doing it wrong. Tom and Ray explain how the transmission and the parking brake work together and weigh in on whether Lynnay is really destroying her transmission like mommy dearest says.

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what is the advantage of drum brakes
Jul 01, 2010

Why do manufacturers still use drum brakes?

Dear Car Talk

All of the cheapest cars these days seem to have drum brakes on the rear instead of disc brakes. But drum brakes have more parts than disc brakes, and are much harder to assemble (I know from experience). You'd think...

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effects of driving with the emergency brake on
Jul 01, 2009

Today: the consequences of driving with the emergency brake on.

Dear Car Talk

Last week, I was cleaning the interior of my '04 Ford Escape. To reach a part of the console between the two front seats, I had to raise the emergency-brake lever. Stupidly, I forgot that I had done so, and...

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The correct way to park on a hill
Jun 01, 2009

Barbara learns the hard way, the right way to park on a hill.

Dear Car Talk

In January, I visited the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. I parked on a slightly sloping street in Golden Gate Park, locked the car and went off to the museum. When I returned to my car, I noticed...

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Jun 01, 2008

Amy confesses to some bad parking brake behavior.

Dear Car Talk

Twice now, I have left a late-evening rehearsal without releasing the parking brake on my 2007 Toyota Corolla Matrix, and driven 10 miles home (50 mph on the freeway most of the way) before discovering my ridiculous error. Please tell me what horrible...

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Mar 01, 2008

Will putting a vehicle in reverse guarantee that it won't roll down a hill?

Dear Car Talk

Several years ago, my Ford Ranger coasted out of my driveway at about 2 a. m. and rammed a minivan across the road. (I parked on a very steep driveway.) I learned to drive on my grandparents' cherry farm and was...

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why are my tires smoking
Apr 01, 2005

What's behind the smoke billowing out from my wheel?

Dear Car Talk

My new Honda Civic did something different today After a -mile drive I parked the car in my garage and noticed smelly smoke coming from the rear passenger-side tire When I felt the tire it was not hot but the...

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Nov 01, 2001

Following up on whether it's OK to use your hand brake to stop a car...

Dear Car Talk

I read your response to some guy named Victor who wanted to know if it was OK to use the hand brake to stop his car Though your response was technically and mechanically correct it needed one more paragraph You...

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Sep 01, 1999

If "someone" drove 10 miles at 55mph with the parking brake on, could you damage the front brakes on the car?

Dear Car Talk

I have a hypothetical question about the brakes in a car If someone was to drive a Olds Delta Royale with the parking brake on for about or miles before noticing that it was on would that also affect the...

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Oct 01, 1998

How much damage could I do by using the parking brake while my teenager is learning to drive a stick?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Subaru GL wagon x with a five-speed manual transmission I have managed to keep this car running and looking good through the years and hope to keep it for many more I am considering using this car...

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