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Reasonable fee for turn signal replacement
Jan 27, 2015

Today: The Friends and Family Discount

Dear Car Talk

Anne's son replaced her turn signal bulb. He wants $35, but should she demand the friends and family discount?


Jun 14, 2013

"Well, My Father Always Said . . . "

Staff Blog

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re featuring one of our favorite calls in which Tom makes a horrifyingly incisive declaration: “We all turn into our parents!” Do you agree?


Oct 04, 2012

Flashback: Hey Dad, Remember When Your Car Blew Up?

Staff Blog

This week, Car Talk staff picks one of their all time favorite calls from the archives from Christy, who wants to confess a 15 year old automotive crime. Hear it all right, here!

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what is the danger in driving a car roughly
Jul 01, 2010

Today: why Rachel's dad should be allowed to drive his cars hard.

Dear Car Talk

Could you please settle an ongoing discussion that my family has had for years? On one side is my mother, my six sisters and me (that is not a typo; I really am one of seven girls. The baby is ...


Maintenance cost of Jaguar XJS Coupe
Apr 01, 2010

Just how crazy is it, for David's daughter to buy a Jag XJS?

Dear Car Talk

My 24-year-old daughter is moving to Los Angeles from New York City and will need a car. She is in love with the Jaguar XJS Coupe. Her budget will allow an early-1990s model with 100,000-plus miles. My questions are... 

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should i withhold the good-driving bonus i promised my son even though they only had one slip-up
Sep 01, 2006

Is Ted a jerk or a genius? Today: Tm and Ray offer a few parenting tips.

Dear Car Talk

Am I a jerk or a genius? My son is now 18, and when he was 15, I wrote him a check for $1,500, postdated three years. I told him that if he managed to reach the date of the check without (1) receiving...

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suggestions for a classic car for a teenager and their dad to work on together
Feb 01, 2005

Whose midlife crisis is this, anyway?

Dear Car Talk

I'm in a bit of a pickle and maybe you can help me out My dad is going through a bit of a midlife crisis and wants to buy a brand-new Honda motorcycle Now I'm not opposed to motorcycling but...

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Mar 01, 1999

A mechanical approach won't solve an emotional problem.

Dear Car Talk

I'm a -year-old and I've listened to your radio show and read your column for many years My dad has an ' Dodge Caravan I guess he must have been a nerd with a five-speed transmission My mom just bought...

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Nov 01, 1997

Tom & Ray pose the question: Should a 16-year old have their own car?

Dear Car Talk

16-year-old Sarah desperately wants her own car, but her parents say no. Tom and Ray disagree on whether or not her parents are, in fact, the meanest ever.

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Jan 01, 1995

Is it ever a good idea to use a lower tire pressure than recommended in the owner's manual?

Dear Car Talk

This question is about optimum tire pressure My father believes that front and rear tires require different pressures for optimal ride safety and economy He says that one should adjust the tires to appearance so you see a slight bulge...

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