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May 01, 1994

Help I'm an owner of a blue and silver Ford...

Dear Car Talk

Help I'm an owner of a blue and silver Ford F- and I'm not proud of its ugly peeling and flaking paint job In July ' I heard from other truck owners that the paint of certain years was defective...

paint recalls Ford

Jan 01, 1994

I presently own a Plymouth Voyager During the spring of...

Dear Car Talk

I presently own a Plymouth Voyager During the spring of I noticed what appeared to be tiny orange rust-like blemishes all over the body I took it to a local dealership and after a quick inspection it was determined that...

rust paint liability

Jul 01, 1993

Info on Ford's paint recall and their repainting program.

Dear Car Talk

Do you know a - number I could call about the paint on my dark blue Ford F- Pick-up The paint is peeling off all over the place hood fenders roof sides you name it I was told that the...

paint recalls Ford

Mar 01, 1993

Do white cars stay cooler than black cars on a warm day?

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased a black Dodge Stealth which I believe to be one of the finest cars on the road I have taken a lot of flack from my friends about black cars being hotter than white cars I personally...

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Apr 01, 1992

A paint job ought to last longer than three years.

Dear Car Talk

I have a question about paint My three year old Chevy Beretta is losing its paint color It started out as a black car and now the entire trunk has turned completely gray while the rest of the car has...


Dec 01, 1989

How do I remove cement from my hood?

Dear Car Talk

My husband drove our Cadillac somewhere where they were doing construction work and got the hood of the car splashed with what we think is cement It has now dried and we have used everything but paint remover to clean...

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Oct 01, 1989

My car needs a good lick of paint...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Ford Thunderbird that I would like to have repainted What kind of paint jobs are available and what does one look for in a shop that paints automobiles George RAY Finding a good paint shop is akin...