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Oct 01, 1999

Shouldn't a paint job last more than 60k miles?

Dear Car Talk

My husband and I own a ' Ford Taurus charcoal color which has almost miles In the past six months we have noticed the paint on the roof and hood is turning almost white Now paint is missing from about...

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Feb 01, 1999

Yet another victim of Chrysler/GM/Ford's delaminating paint problem.

Dear Car Talk

We have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Several years ago the paint on the roof started to peel We have notified Chrysler about the problem and have tried to work through their system The bottom line we get from them is...

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Apr 01, 1998

Do I have any recourse for the deteriorating paint job on my Mercury?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mercury Sable with miles and seriously deteriorating paint I bought the car new The guy at the independent paint shop said that the car's paint had been subject to a silent recall and that Mercury would repaint...

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Oct 01, 1997

When repainting a car, should you use the same paint color as the original?

Dear Car Talk

I've still got my first new car a red Toyota MR We had a party for its th-mile birthday a year or two ago and it's still running well I have a repainting question One firm recommends painting it the...


Sep 01, 1997

Is there a chance the manufacturer would help cover the cost of my failing paint job?

Dear Car Talk

I have a dark green Lexus ES with miles on it It rides great and I love the car but about a year ago the clear-coat finish started to fade I had it detailed and that helped for a short...


Feb 01, 1996

Sprucing up a paint job without repainting.

Dear Car Talk

Do you have any advice for shining up a gray Ford Econoline The roof and hood are very dull and now they are under several layers of wax none of which shined up the paint How do I strip off...


Jan 01, 1996

Any chance my extended warranty will cover a delaminating paint job?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Dodge Caravan which I purchased new with an extended warranty I would like to know what you are supposed to do when it has under miles on it and the paint starts peeling real bad I mean...

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Jan 01, 1995

Any chance that Chevy owes me a new paint job?

Dear Car Talk

I am the second owner of a C- Chevy full size pick up The color is blue About three years ago the paint just started to flake off I see other trucks around town that are the same color and...

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Nov 01, 1994

I am the original owner of a black Jeep Comanche...

Dear Car Talk

I am the original owner of a black Jeep Comanche pick up truck This truck has a paint problem I have called Jeep and they told me to take the vehicle to a Jeep dealer to see if it qualifies...

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Sep 01, 1994

I have a Toyota white white Camry station wagon While...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota white white Camry station wagon While parked in one of those notorious shopping centers on returning to our car we noticed a scratch on our right rear bumper No breakage on the bumper just an ugly...

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