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Jun 01, 2007

Is there a reason why Sally should splurge on the high end interior/exterior coating for her new Honda? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

I purchased a Honda Odyssey today, and the dealer tried to sell me a 1,200-dollar protective interior/exterior coating. I said no, but he said he would honor the offer till Monday. Should I buy this, or is it just...

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May 01, 2007

Can writing in the dirt on a car actually scratch the paint-- or should Linda just chill out?

Dear Car Talk

Does writing in the dirt/dust on a car scratch the paint? A teacher at my children's school today wrote "Clean Me" as a joke in the dirt on my new Suburban as I was parked in the school pickup...


Mar 01, 2007

Should Mike save a few bucks and go for a hail-damaged car, or will he be buying a dent-plagued nightmare? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

I'm a college student in a small Podunk town in Minnesota. Recently, we were "blessed" with a hailstorm like none other, and the damage to the cars here can only be described as impressive. I've been postponing buying a car...

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what do you recommend for attaching astroturf to station wagon paneling in a removable way
Jul 01, 2004

How can I cover my car in Astroturf?

Dear Car Talk

Soon I will be receiving as my first car -- drumroll please -- a Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon My parents have given me permission to decorate it in any way as long as it does not destroy the value of...


does leather absorb more heat than cloth in terms of car upholstery
Jan 01, 2003

Will a black car with leather interior get too hot in the summer?

Dear Car Talk

I desperately need your help My dear husband of years has given me the privilege of choosing a brand-new car Everything was going so well until it came to my choice of color I chose an Accord EX in black...

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Nov 01, 2002

I don't have a garage to protect (and hide) my car. Is a cover a good idea?

Dear Car Talk

Having recently gone through a horrible divorce as a reward to myself I purchased a -year-old Infiniti Q The car is great However I need to hide this beautiful piece of machinery from my ex-wife when she drives by my...

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Mar 01, 2002

What do you think of the Teflon paint-protecting product that dealers try to sell?

Dear Car Talk

I just purchased a Nissan Maxima GLE and won't be picking the car up for a few days We were pitched the usual after-sale banter about undercoating rust protection etc But one of the items was new to me and...


Jan 01, 2002

If you see water beading up, your car's waxed finish is fine.

Dear Car Talk

I'm years old and have a Mercury Marquis that will probably be my last car so I would like to keep it looking nice I run it through the local car wash at least once a month and it has...

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Aug 01, 2000

Is it true that one shouldn't wax modern car paint finishes?

Dear Car Talk

I have a persistent memory that you once said on your radio show that modern paint finishes do not need waxing and that wax actually attacks and shortens the life of the paint and dulls the finish I searched your...

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Feb 01, 2000

How can I touch up the scratches on my new car's paint job and make it look professionally done?

Dear Car Talk

I have a brand-new Mazda which my daughter and I have managed to scratch At the -mile service the dealer wanted to fix the scratches I opted for the bottle of touch-up paint The mechanic told me that the appearance...

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