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Dashboard of Fiat
Nov 22, 2018

Can't Fix an Engine Using Thicker Oil

Dear Car Talk

So what's the best oil for high-mileage engines?

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Dec 06, 2012

The Battle Over Biofuels

Jim Motavalli

It's war! Big Oil is bringing out the big guns, lawsuits are flying, and biofuels are under attack as never before. Not all the charges stick.

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Sep 28, 2011

Oil Around Us: Energy Pundit Says We're Awash in the Stuff

Jim Motavalli

Daniel Yergin, who set a standard for oil reporting with The Prize, is back with a new book called The Quest, and he says peak oil theory is bunk. But that view is getting challenged.

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Aug 18, 2011

Michelle Bachmann's $2 a Gallon Gas: Don't Count on It

Jim Motavalli

No president can deliver cheap gas, and most analysts see higher prices ahead. Even if the Alaska reserve drilling and oil shale development that Bachmann supports went ahead full tilt, the results would be outside her term in office.

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Chevron pollutes the Amazon in Ecuador
Jul 29, 2011

You Shouldn't Trust Your Car to the Men Who Wore the Star

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

If you're the sort of person who stopped filling up at BP stations after the Gulf Horizon disaster, here's hoping you're not shopping for gasoline at Chevron, owner of Texaco, instead.

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biofuels for automobiles
Jun 30, 2011

Big Oil Meets Big Corn in Battle of Titan Hypocrites

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Comrade Motavalli has it right -- corn ethanol is not the way forward, especially when it's made by the big corn-glomerates; grown on big, corporate farms, knee deep in petrochemical fertilizers and genetically modified seeds. And he is correct, too, in pointing out that ethanol doesn't need to be made from corn.

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Mar 04, 2011

This Volt Owner was Texaco's Production Chief...And he Thinks Peak Oil is Imminent

Jim Motavalli

The oldest Chevy Volt owner is Texaco's former head of worldwide oil production, and he thinks peak oil is very, very close.

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Apr 01, 2001

Are oil change recommendations a plot by oil companies to get more of your money?

Dear Car Talk

Actually this is a question raised by my husband He was meeting with a patent attorney and during the meeting the attorney turned to my husband and said Do you change the oil in your car My husband thinking he...

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Jun 01, 2000

Why would Exxon stations be filling up their gas tanks from non-Exxon tanker trucks?

Dear Car Talk

A few months ago I pulled into my local Exxon station to fill 'er up I noticed a large tanker truck apparently delivering gas to the station's underground tanks But there were no signs on the truck that suggested it...

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Nov 01, 1999

What do the letters like "SJ" and "SH" mean on a can of oil?

Dear Car Talk

Remember in the s a quart of oil would have API designations like MS DG etc Now I see letters like SJ SH and SG Do these letters mean different breakdown temperatures or different additives or what -- Bob RAY...

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