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Jan 01, 2007

Today: An idle question when it comes to oil changes.

Dear Car Talk

You guys are great Thanks for all your knowledge and insights My question My vehicle's manufacturer suggests changing the oil every miles If I were averaging a speed of mph for that miles it would take just over hours to...

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should i change the oil in a car that only sat in a garage for a year
Nov 01, 2006

Aaron's in Iraq, and his Outback is in storage. Does he really need to change the oil when he gets back?

Dear Car Talk

Before being deployed to Iraq for a year, I put my 2003 Subaru Outback wagon in storage. I put it on jack stands with a plastic ground sheet beneath it, plugged the exhaust and intake, changed the oil and filter, and...

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is changing the oil in a diesel car pricier than for a regular gas car
Oct 01, 2006

Why would an oil change for a diesel cost Phil $80? Find out in today's letter.

Dear Car Talk

I am looking to buy a car soon, and I am thinking about getting a diesel, because of their great gas mileage. I know a thing or two about cars, but I'm not a professional mechanic yet, as I'm still...

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how does the maintenance schedule change for a car that is old but has very low miles
Aug 01, 2006

Rosalie's got a 10-year-old car with less than 12,000 miles. So, why does she need to change the oil every six months?

Dear Car Talk

I have a question about cars with VERY low mileage. I have a 10-year-old car that has less than 12,000 miles. What maintenance should I be doing or not doing? I am told at the dealership that, due to the "time"...

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do the maine winters i live in mean i should get routine maintenance on the short-trip schedule
Mar 01, 2005

Do I need to change my oil more often in the winter?

Dear Car Talk

The owner's manual for my Pontiac Vibe lists two maintenance schedules The long-trip plan calls for the engine oil and filter to be changed every miles or months while the short-trip maintenance schedule sets a -mile interval for this service...

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does it matter if i switch oil brands between changes
Mar 01, 2005

Is it OK to switch brands of oil between oil changes? What about topping up?

Dear Car Talk

My co-worker and I are having a disagreement about oil changes Our question When changing oil is it advisable to use the same brand of oil all the time I have always used the same brand and think this is...

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is it smart to run the engine in the middle of an oil change to force the old oil out
Dec 01, 2003

Is running the engine to purge extra dirty oil while changing it a good idea?

Dear Car Talk

I do most of the light maintenance on my vehicle and I've added a step in my oil changes that I think is beneficial in the long run Here's what I do I drain the warm dirty oil just like...

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can an air filter strip the thread inside my car
Sep 01, 2003

Another satisfied Skippy Lube customer! (note the sarcastic font)

Dear Car Talk

I went to a quick-oil-change shop I won't mention the company's name but I think it also makes peanut butter to get my first oil change for my brand-new Dodge Caravan After much difficulty removing the factory oil filter the...

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do i need to change the oil every year even if i barely drive
Aug 01, 2003

Is it necessary to change the oil if you don't drive the required 5,000 miles?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Lexus RX I am out of the country most of the year so I don't generate the miles necessary to require an oil change However my owner's manual suggests that the oil be changed every year anyway...

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theoretically could you just vacuum the oil out of your engine instead of draining it
Jul 01, 2003

A couple of alternative methods for changing your oil, if you like to be "different".

Dear Car Talk

A friend and I were arguing I said that you can change your oil by punching a hole in the oil filter and vacuuming all of the oil out through the filter then changing the filter and filling the oil...

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