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Ariel view of winding road.
Jan 22, 2019

Some Options That Fit the Off-Road-Adventuring Bill

Dear Car Talk

Stephen wants to replace his old 4x4. What's his best bet?

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All Suvs Are Not Created Equal
Feb 01, 2018

All Suvs Are Not Created Equal

Dear Car Talk

How much off-roading can Laura's beloved Subaru handle?

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Feb 09, 2017

If You Want to Go Off-Road, Get a True SUV

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Evan asks if a newer crossover will handle backcountry exploration like the more rugged trucks of yore.

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May 02, 2016

Six Everyday Driving Tips From Off-Road School

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Can driving in the woods teach you anything about how to get around the mean streets of what passes for civilization these days? We spent a day at off-road driving school and here's what we learned. 

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Difference between highway and off-road miles
May 13, 2014

Today: The Difference Between Highway and Off-road Miles?

Dear Car Talk

Mike and his family live in Doha, Qatar and his wife's daily commute could be made a lot shorter and a lot less stressful if she were willing to do three miles off-road each way. But she's worried that the off-road driving will cause premature wear and tear. Tom and Ray explain the difference in wear and tear for highway miles versus off-road miles, right here, but suspect that Mike has misdiagnosed the real problem: that his wife hates the bumpy off-road ride. 

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what is the perfect car for a new mom who needs to replace her old truck
Nov 01, 2003

If you are actually going to drive off-road, a truck-based SUV is best.

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As a biologist I drive off-road throughout the United States and Mexico My four-wheel-drive Toyota Tacoma gets terrible mileage but I have a motorcycle for my everyday non-work vehicle so the mileage isn't a daily concern However in a moment...

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