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Angry badger
Aug 27, 2019

Hear My Mercedes Roar

Dear Car Talk

This car is making loud noises only a mechanic would love.

diesel diesel repair noises engines belts fuel injection Mercedes-Benz 240D 1982

What Makes a Ford Explorer Roar?
Apr 05, 2019

What Makes a Ford Explorer Roar?

Dear Car Talk

Willie's Explorer sounds more like an Airbus on takeoff. What's up?

transmissions noises Ford Explorer Sport Trac 2008

Electric Vehicle at a charging station
Feb 12, 2019

Can a Car Be Too Quiet?

Dear Car Talk

How automakers cure those sneaky EVs

electric vehicles noises Chevrolet Volt 2017

Jan 16, 2019

'Genius' Mechanic Pinpoints Source of Thunking Sound

Dear Car Talk

Thwack, clunk, and bonk would point to another culprit.

noises mechanics Toyota Solara