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can steadying a windshield with an arm or fist prevent it from being damaged by projectiles
May 01, 2003

Is it true that by placing a fist on your windshield you can prevent it from shattering?

Dear Car Talk

I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Gabon in Africa Maybe you've never been to Africa but generally despite romantic images of dirt roads leading off into dark forests most of the highways in Africa are paved Except in Gabon...

myths windshields

Jan 01, 2002

Kitty litter as a traction device? It's a myth, folks.

Dear Car Talk

Please advise your readers Winter is here and I've heard this advice again Carry kitty litter in your car as a traction aid I assume the idiot giving this advice doesn't live in the North like I do With a...

myths winter

Nov 01, 2001

Fact or fiction: breaking a new engine at slow speeds will lead to long-term sluggish performance.

Dear Car Talk

My dear departed daddy told me that if you broke in a new car engine at slow speeds it would always be slow and sluggish Is this true What's the real skinny Is there a preferred break-in protocol -- Susan...

myths engines

Feb 01, 2000

Fact or fiction: Humid climates can cause batteries to go bad.

Dear Car Talk

A friend of mine visiting New Orleans had his battery go bad He was told by the service technician that in the humid and warm climate of Louisiana an electrical connection could establish itself across the battery terminals and cause...

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Nov 01, 1999

Fact or fiction: It's OK to set your battery down on a concrete garage floor.

Dear Car Talk

This business of batteries and concrete floors needs to be explained and put to rest Years ago everybody knew that you were never supposed to put a car battery on a concrete floor because it would be quickly ruined That...

myths batteries

Oct 01, 1997

Myth buster: There's no need to worry about sludge in the bottom of your gas tank.

Dear Car Talk

I am looking to you to validate or refute a family myth My father-in-law and mother-in-law believe in the phenomenon of sludge at the bottom of the gas tank The family myth goes that you should never allow your tank...

myths gas tanks

Feb 01, 1997

Fact or fiction: Adding mothballs to your gas tank increases the octane.

Dear Car Talk

I have been told that adding seven or eight naphthalene mothballs to a tank of gasoline increases the octane Is this true If it is true what will it do to the engine of the vehicle -- Donald RAY That's...

myths additives gasoline

Sep 01, 1996

Once you use one brand of oil in an engine do you have to stick with it?

Dear Car Talk

I change my own oil and filter in my cars every miles I try to buy the oil and filters when they're on sale to economize I have always heard that once you start to use an oil you should...

myths oil oil changes

Aug 01, 1996

Should I turn off the AC before turning off the engine?

Dear Car Talk

We've just purchased a new Ford Ranger pickup The salesman told us the air conditioner should be turned off before turning off the ignition when we park the pickup He said something about it making the O-rings last longer We...

myths air conditioning

May 01, 1995

Fact or fiction: One should never mix motor oils?

Dear Car Talk

I have tried to maintain my own cars for about years Now about all I can do is change the oil and I'm even having second thoughts about that One of the first things I was told was NEVER to...

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