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do I need to slow down before I turn on the air conditioning
Jul 26, 2012

More Air Conditioning Myths

Dear Car Talk

Someone once told David never to turn on the Air Conditioner at highway speeds, and he's been faithfully following this advice for 40 years. Now he worries that he's got it all wrong. Can Tom and Ray explain what's really going on when you fire up the AC? 

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do i have to use synthetic oil from now on because i used it once
Jun 14, 2012

Today: Synthetic Oil Myths

Dear Car Talk

Richard is considering switching to synthetic oil but the sales clerk warned him that once he goes synthetic, he'll damage his engine if he tries to go back to regular or even blended oil. Tom and Ray think this is a bunch of baloney. Read their highly plausible explaination right here. 

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can thieves capture the electronic information from your key fob
Oct 01, 2010

Thieves can capture your key fob's code. Urban legend-- or not?

Dear Car Talk

I got an e-mail this morning from our company's internal security department about locking your car with the remote key fob. The memo cites the story of a woman in a shopping center who noticed two guys in a car...

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Does engine performance improve in cold air
Mar 01, 2010

Do cars really drive faster in colder air?

Dear Car Talk

Was it just me, or did my Jeep really seem faster this morning in the cold, -15 F air? I've always heard that the colder the air, the better the combustion. Is there any truth to my observation this morning...

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Dec 01, 2009

Is there any possible good reason for changing the air in your tires?

Dear Car Talk

I once knew a local minister who completely deflated all his tires twice annually, then reinflated them with fresh air. He claimed the procedure prevents bumpiness and makes the car ride smoother. I think he's crazy, but his claim was...

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Aug 01, 2007

Can gum and varnish actually hold an aging transmission together?

Dear Car Talk

I have a 2002 GMC Envoy that just passed 100,000 miles. I have always been pretty conscientious about scheduled and preventative maintenance. The owner's manual recommends changing the transmission and filter at 100,000 miles. I have read and heard advice that if the...

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Apr 01, 2007

"It's a bad idea to run your air conditioner when you're driving faster than 50 mph." Fact or myth?

Dear Car Talk

On a recent cross-country trip (South Carolina to Nevada) with my boyfriend, we had an air-conditioning issue, which I'm hoping you can help us with. I wanted to make a cell-phone call, so I put the windows up (for quiet)...

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what would happen if two cars touched while one was being used to jump the other's battery
Nov 01, 2005

Fact or fiction: Cars shouldn't be touching while being jump-started.

Dear Car Talk

Why do I keep hearing that you should never allow two vehicles to touch while jump-starting one of the vehicles? I recently e-mailed a local radio-show host here in my area who does an auto-repair show on Tuesday evenings, but...

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do engines need to warm up when it isn't actually cold outside
Jul 01, 2005

True or False: Do diesel engines need warming up?

Dear Car Talk

My neighbor warms up his diesel F250 pickup truck every morning for 20 minutes. He says he is "protecting" his investment, as he just got a new $5,000 engine. I say he is killing his neighbors. I can't find anything on the...

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is there really any harm is emptying the gas tank before you refill it
Mar 01, 2004

Myth: Running low on gas will cause your car to suck up a bunch of debris from the bottom of the tank.

Dear Car Talk

Please help me settle this debate with my dear husband Going to the gas station is a pleasant ritual for him where he gets coffee maybe a fat-saturated cholesterol-charged snack and kibitzes with the employees and other blue-collar workers who...

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