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This Volvo's Engine Shifts as Often as the Transmission
Dec 20, 2018

This Volvo's Engine Shifts as Often as the Transmission

Dear Car Talk

One or more weak motor mounts could be the cause of clunking.

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Car parked in a driveway
Mar 01, 2018

Volvo Mysteriously Revs up in Left Turns

Dear Car Talk

Car's odd behavior on left turn probably signals bad motor mount.

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When to replace engine mounts
Oct 31, 2013

Motor Mounts: To Replace or Not to Replace?

Dear Car Talk

Robert's mechanic thinks his engine mounts are showing some wear and due for a replacement. But Robert wonders how this can be true for a gently driven truck with less than 100,000 miles on it. Tom and Ray say there's a considerable distance between "showing wear" and "need to be replaced". Robert should get a second opinion. Find out why, right here.

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Car feels like it had an impact when stopping
Jun 18, 2013

Dangerous Stuff First, Expensive Stuff Second

Dear Car Talk

That's Tom and Ray's advice for Bob, who's car has been making strange thumps and jolts when he parks. It sounds like bad news for Bob's wallet. Find out what Tom and Ray think could be causing it, right here. 

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Replace motor mount on a Toyota
Jan 10, 2012

Today: What's wrong with Marsha's Camry?

Dear Car Talk

Marsha's Toyota Camry has never been in an accident, but her mechanic says the motor mounts are bad. Is he right?

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Jul 01, 2001

So many things could be damaged by hitting a curb at 30 mph - but get that front end checked pronto.

Dear Car Talk

Let's say a moron decided to take a shortcut through a parking lot at night This moron might drive a well-seasoned ' Dodge Dakota two-wheel-drive V- with an automatic transmission To the moron's surprise there was a curb in the...

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Mar 01, 2001

Alas, motor mounts and radiators aren't "preventative maintenance".

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Dodge Caravan with a Mitsubishi engine and miles on it I changed all of the hoses and belts at miles and I just had the transmission serviced and the radiator flushed I'd like to keep it...

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Mar 01, 1999

What is causing me to go through motor mounts?

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Jeep Cherokee by with miles It has the liter engine The three motor mount bolts that go into the block sheared off on the passenger side They had to drill out the bolts They put in...

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Dec 01, 1998

Is motor mount replacement a do-it-yourself job?

Dear Car Talk

My father-in-law has a Cadillac DeVille The car is making a clunking noise when taking off from a dead stop We brought it to a transmission shop and they said it was the motor mount We both have moderate mechanical...

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Oct 01, 1998

How can I tell if my motor mounts really need replacing...and is it dangerous if I don't replace them?

Dear Car Talk

I own a ' Ford Taurus with miles on it It's been a great car and has been well taken care of A service rep at my local Ford dealer told me I have two broken engine mounts and offered...

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