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can top of the line safety features compensate for the risk of rollover in an suv
Apr 01, 2004

Help with deciding between a Honda Odyssey, a Volvo SUV and a Volvo XC.

Dear Car Talk

I am trying to weigh the safety and convenience benefits of the Volvo SUV versus the Volvo Cross Country versus a minivan like the Honda Odyssey While the extra seating in the Volvo SUV is a very valuable feature --...

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help me defend my belief that minivans are better than SUVs
Oct 01, 2003

Why are minivans a better alternative to SUVs?

Dear Car Talk

My wife and I recently took the Do You Need an SUV quiz on your Web site The results gave us some alternative suggestions including minivans and compact SUVs My wife asked Why are minivans any better than SUVs They're...

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recommendations for a van for a veterinarian
Sep 01, 2003

Recommendations for an SUV/van that could be a "vet-mobile"...and my personal vehicle to boot?

Dear Car Talk

I'm looking for a vehicle to be my vet-mobile I'm a mobile veterinarian and am looking for a used SUV minivan with four-wheel drive that's durable for horrible nasty roads lots of snow and llama spit I have a fiberglass...

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Oct 01, 2002

Can you recommend a car (not SUV) for a family of six?

Dear Car Talk

I'm hoping you can help us out With baby No in the oven I've suddenly become aware that the family station wagon is a dying breed and almost no car manufacturers are making bench front seats anymore What happened Will...

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Mar 01, 1996

I'd like a minivan that feels like a Lincoln Continental. Does it exist?

Dear Car Talk

I am a year old six foot pound salesman driving - miles annually I've driven a Lincoln Continental or Buick Park Avenue for over years and love the luxury and soft comfortable ride Now my new sales lines require the...

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Dec 01, 1989

When your truck rides like a truck...

Dear Car Talk

We love our ' Chevrolet Astro Van When loaded up for a trip it drives better than most Cadillacs There's only one complaint When driving in town with the van empty it rides like a truck Is there an inexpensive...