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'Sloppy' Clutch Means Eventual Replacement
Sep 11, 2018

'Sloppy' Clutch Means Eventual Replacement

Dear Car Talk

Here's another mechanic-ese translation tip from Ray

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2016 BMW 340i
Aug 23, 2016

Rev Matching the BMW: Where's the Off Switch?

Jim Motavalli

BMWs, Porsches, GM and Nissan cars offer "improved" manual transmissions that make heel and toeing a thing of the past.

manual transmissions high-tech BMW 340i 2016

School bus with a manual transmission
Jun 10, 2016

My First International Incident

Tim Cotton

The day I became a fan of the manual transmission is seared into my brain. It involves a worn set of Dickies, some dairy cows, and a manual shifting Bluebird bus I never drove.

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Should kids learn to drive automatic or manual
Feb 25, 2016

Should Kids Learn to Drive on a Manual or an Automatic?

Dear Car Talk

Karen learned to drive on a manual transmission and thinks it made her a better driver. But is it safer to teach kids on an automatic? Car Talk's advice, here.

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Aug 25, 2015

Take the Quiz!

Staff Blog

Can you drive a stick-shift? Would you ever date or marry someone who couldn't? Vote here.

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Aug 25, 2015

These Are All The Manual Transmission Cars Available Today


Here's a look at every single car available with a manual transmission today. We've also provided a handy guide showing the cost or savings when choosing a manual, as well as the fuel economy.

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