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does brake fluid need to be flushed
Nov 01, 2012

Is Steve Paranoid or Is His Mechanic Shy a Boat Payment?

Dear Car Talk

Steve is sure he smells a rat after his mechanic recommended that he flush out his brake lines and replace the brake fluid. Can Tom and Ray talk him down from his ledge of paranoia?

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do i need to rotate tires when they aren't new
Sep 27, 2012

Today: Dorothy Vs. Husband in Tire Balancing Act

Dear Car Talk

Dorothy wants Tom and Ray to settle a marital dispute. She thinks tires should be balanced and rotated; he thinks rotating is enough. Who's right?

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how do i really know when i need shocks
Aug 02, 2012

Today: Ken Wonders When to Change the Shocks

Dear Car Talk

Ken wants to know how he can tell when he needs to get new shocks. It turns out there are many variables to consider. Read Tom and Ray's highly unscientific calculations right here, plus a test that you can try at home. 

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do i have to use synthetic oil from now on because i used it once
Jun 14, 2012

Today: Synthetic Oil Myths

Dear Car Talk

Richard is considering switching to synthetic oil but the sales clerk warned him that once he goes synthetic, he'll damage his engine if he tries to go back to regular or even blended oil. Tom and Ray think this is a bunch of baloney. Read their highly plausible explaination right here. 

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Studded tires pros and cons
Jan 12, 2012

Instant Studded Tires: Brilliant or Bogus?

Dear Car Talk

Wolfgang has an idea! Will it make him rich or will Tom and Ray tell him it's bogus?

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When to change the oil for differentials on a Toyota Tacoma
Sep 01, 2011

Today: Does Mike need to get the oil in his differentials changed?

Dear Car Talk

I have a general maintenance question for you guys Every time I go to get the oil changed on my Toyota Tacoma the service man always tries to sell me an oil change for the differentials I always decline because...

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is it normal if the brake lines in my car keep snapping
May 01, 2011

Can the brakes on Alexis' Plymouth minivan be made safe?

Dear Car Talk

We have a 1996 Plymouth Voyager with more than 130,000 miles on it that I use to transport our kids everywhere. On four separate occasions, the brakes have failed completely with absolutely NO warning...no warning light, no gradual diminution of brake...

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do i really need the 30,000 mile service
Apr 01, 2011

Is the 30,000 mile service on Seth's Honda really necessary?

Dear Car Talk

I own a 2008 Honda Civic with 33,000 miles. I have regularly changed the oil and rotated its tires. I also have replaced the air filter on one occasion. Is there any reason for me to succumb to the pressures of the...


why is excessive idling tough on an engine
Apr 01, 2011

Why is "excessive idling" considered to be "severe duty"?

Dear Car Talk

Why in the world is "excessive idling" defined as "severe duty" in all owner's manuals? I read in one column that idling is harder on the valve train than running at red-line is! What's the explanation? Lower oil pressure? Hotter...

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Should I replace the timing belt before it fails
Jan 01, 2011

Sometimes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" ain't such a good idea.

Dear Car Talk

Our 2001 Subaru Forester (93,000 miles, we're the only owner) has been an excellent, essentially maintenance-free vehicle. Recently, when a front axle was replaced for a torn CV joint boot, the garage owner recommended a pre-emptive replacement of the timing belt. He...

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