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now that my warranty has expired should i stick with the dealership for maintenance
Apr 26, 2016

Dealership or Indy Mechanic for the New-ish Car?

Dear Car Talk

Should you stick with your dealership or look for an independent mechanic? Pablo wants to know his options for his Avalon.

mechanics maintenance

Things to check on a used car
Oct 20, 2015

What to Check on a 10 Year Old Inherited Car?

Dear Car Talk

John's grandaughter is coming to live with him and she's bringing a inherited car with 100K miles on it. He wants to make sure this car is in good shape. What should he have his mechanic check out?

maintenance timing belts

Oct 12, 2015

Americans Defer Car Repairs Big Time (Especially if They Don't Trust Their Mechanics)

Jim Motavalli

Thirty five percent of us put off auto maintenance until tomorrow, even though it ends up costing more in the end. It helps if you trust your local dealer or garage.

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Should parts be replaced before they fail
Sep 01, 2015

Should Lee Replace Parts Before Long Trip?

Dear Car Talk

Lee's taking a cross-country road trip in a fifteen year old car. Does Car Talk recommend any preventative maintenance before the trip? Find out here.

maintenance road trips Chevrolet Corvette 2000

What routine maintenance is critical
Aug 13, 2015

Routine Maintenance: What Can You Skip?

Dear Car Talk

Lilian's car is due for routine maintenance, but she's on a fixed income. What's critical to her car and what can she skip? Car Talk's answer, right here.

maintenance Toyota Matrix 2005

How often to drive a car to keep it running
Oct 01, 2013

Short Drives Good For Car in Storage

Dear Car Talk

Today, Dave is storing his daughter's Nissan Altima and wants to know how often he needs to drive it to keep it running. Tom and Ray explain why the occasional short drive is the best way to maintain the battery and exhaust systems. 

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Do cars still need to be lubed
Sep 06, 2013

Time to Retire the Grease Gun

Dear Car Talk

Dann gets his oil and filter changed regularly, but he wants to know if he should get the car lubed too. Are all those squeaks and squawks coming from the undercarriage just his imagination? Tom and Ray explain why most cars don't need lube jobs anymore, and have some alternative uses for their now-idle grease gun. (Toilet seat on April Fool's Day, anyone?)

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Is it dangerous to change oil and rotate tires
Jul 25, 2013

The Oil Change and the Overprotective Dad

Dear Car Talk

Joe's daughter wants to learn some car repairs and she wants her dear old dad to teach her. The problem? Joe's worried that if she gets injured, he'll feel guilty for the rest of his life. Tom and Ray offer some basic safety tips but will it be enough to set Joe's mind at ease?

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is it worth paying three times as much for genuine subaru parts
May 28, 2013

Today: Is Bill's Dealer Charging Too Much?

Dear Car Talk

Bill's Subaru needs a new timing belt, and the dealer is asking twice what his local mechanic wants for the job. Tom and Ray say there may be more to this story than meets the eye. 

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is there a cheap way to get just my air and fluid levels checked
Mar 18, 2013

Today: Who Will Check Rick's Oil?

Dear Car Talk

Rick, a self-identified geezer, has reached the age where he just wants to pay someone else to check his car's pressure and fluids for him. But he's had no luck finding a gas station that offers this service. Tom and Ray think these services are less important than they used to be. Find out why and whether they have any advice for Rick, all right here. 

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