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Predatory lending in the auto industry
Sep 02, 2016

Spending Some Time with Sub-Prime

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

When sales decline, industry resorts to tricks to keep the party going. Find out why that's a problem, here.


Feb 18, 2014

A Remedy for Discriminatory Auto Loans? That Will Have to Wait

Jim Motavalli

Women and minorities sometimes pay higher interest rates for car loans, and the federal consumer agency wants auto loan companies to change their ways. But it was only a recommendation (auto dealers are powerful) and the biggest lender just said, "No, thanks."


Jun 01, 2000

I owe more on my car than it's worth...what can I do?

Dear Car Talk

I'm in a quandary My girlfriend and I are breaking up A year and a half ago I refinanced her car in my name so she could get a better interest rate on the loan She has lousy credit and...


Feb 01, 1993

Is it possible to transfer my car loan to my daughter so she can take over my car (and car payments)?

Dear Car Talk

Being years old I have decided that I no longer want to drive I would like to turn my car over to my daughter I recently moved here from New York City and I make the payments to Citibank How...

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