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LED Lights Can Interfere with Radio Signal
Jan 23, 2018

LED Lights Can Interfere with Radio Signal

Dear Car Talk

This lighting upgrade downgraded the radio. 

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i can't figure out how to replace fix my parking lights
Dec 22, 2016

David Needs Help with a Common Car Problem

Dear Car Talk

David tried fixing the usual culplrits and he still can't get his Buick's parking lights to work. The solution is easy if he knows where to look.

DIY electrical wiring lights Buick Century 1994

How to replace a Subaru Outback CHMSL
Sep 04, 2014

Today: What's a CHMSL and How Do We Fix It?

Dear Car Talk

The upper light cover on the back hatch of Brenda's Subaru Outback needs to be changed, but Brenda can't figure out how. This is the only fixture not covered by the owner's manual. Learn what's special about this particular light, and what any of this has to do with acronyms right here. 

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Dashboard lights in surveillance van flicker while driving
Oct 03, 2013

The Case of the Disappearing Dashboard Lights

Dear Car Talk

Steve is a private eye, but there's one case he hasn't been able to crack--the dashboard lights in his surveillance van flicker on and off while he's driving. Can Tom and Ray solve this mystery? How much scratch will Steve have to lay down to fix his little problem? Ever wonder what private eyes drive nowadays? Find out, right here. 

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is it bad for your eyes or your car to always use the fog lamps
Jul 03, 2012

Who's Right About Fog Lights?

Dear Car Talk

Fred thinks his brother-in-law's constant headlight use is dangerous and annoying to other drivers, not to mention destroying his gas mileage. Not ones to pass up on a brotherly dispute, Tom and Ray jump into the fray. Should Fred back down, or  will Tom and Ray give him the green light to keep hassling his poor brother-in-law?


Dec 01, 2009

Today: can Tom and Ray help Margi get her brake lights working?

Dear Car Talk

I have a 1997 Plymouth Breeze with 110,000 miles on it. I changed the brake-light bulb in the passenger-side taillight, and now none of the lights in that taillight works. When I turn on my right blinker, the indicator on the dashboard...


Sep 01, 2008

Just when should you use your emergency flashers?

Dear Car Talk

This has been an ongoing disagreement with my wife and others: When you pull to the side of the road for ANY reason OTHER than an EMERGENCY ("emergency" defined as: vehicle trouble, flat tire, heart attack, etc.), should you use...

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Apr 01, 2008

How to diagnose a problem that only happens first thing in the morning?

Dear Car Talk

We have a 2002 L300 V-6 Saturn. The turn signals will not work in cold weather (below 30 F) until the car has been driven and therefore warmed. The hazard lights will work, however. The dealer says that he doesn't know what...

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do xenon fog lights and headlights help with night driving
Feb 01, 2004

What's your take on "night vision" or Xenon headlights for improved nighttime visibility?

Dear Car Talk

Do you believe that xenon fog lights or headlights or Cadillac's night vision will help to solve the problem of impaired vision at night not caused by cataracts I am a senior citizen who's having difficulty with roads that are...

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