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Jul 01, 1997

Should I go back to the mechanic who didn't tighten the lugnuts on my wheels?

Dear Car Talk

Last weekend I was driving down the highway when I noticed that my ' Honda Civic was considerably louder than usual The noise was coming from the right rear tire I pulled off the road as soon as I could...

liability mechanics

Apr 01, 1996

Rocker panels falling off Camrys due to design flaw. Is Toyota responsible?

Dear Car Talk

The rocker panel covers fell off my ' Camry and cost to replace Each black strip which runs between the wheel wells is a thin membrane of rubber around a piece of ungalvanized steel When the supporting strip rusts to...

body damage warranties liability Toyota Camry

Jan 01, 1996

GM should absolutely cover the cost of a new engine...but you'll need a lawyer.

Dear Car Talk

I bought a Chevrolet X pickup truck in December of In June of this year the engine lost its oil pressure and the engine was badly damaged The motor had only miles on it at the time but because of...

liability Chevrolet GMC

Oct 01, 1995

Mr. Goodwrench owes you more than a temporary fix.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Chevy pickup Early in its life it developed an engine noise After a few thousand miles a new short block was installed in the motor under warranty Now I have an interior coolant leak of some kind...


Jun 01, 1995

Could a fluid change be responsible for a total transmission failure?

Dear Car Talk

Last week I had one of the most frightening experiences of my life I was driving my Toyota Camry wagon on the freeway when it suddenly started losing speed even though the engine was still running I had been going...

transmissions liability Toyota

May 01, 1995

Here's what to do if you pay for an oil change you didn't actually receive.

Dear Car Talk

It happened again yesterday I had an oil change and when I got home I checked the dip stick It was a quart high AND dirty I know what happens the technician doesn't wait for all the oil to drain...


Apr 01, 1995

Is it possible for a battery, voltage regulator, starter and alternator to all go kaput at once?

Dear Car Talk

I would appreciate your opinion on a problem I had with my Ford F After shopping and returning to start my truck I turned the ignition switch and the starter spun like an electric motor without turning the engine AAA...


Feb 01, 1995

Mechanic might be right about the old battery but is shooting himself in the foot.

Dear Car Talk

I enjoy your column very much I learn a lot from it and even when there's nothing in a column I can use I always at least get a chuckle or two Maybe you can help my daughter with a...

batteries liability

Nov 01, 1994

I am the original owner of a black Jeep Comanche...

Dear Car Talk

I am the original owner of a black Jeep Comanche pick up truck This truck has a paint problem I have called Jeep and they told me to take the vehicle to a Jeep dealer to see if it qualifies...

paint liability

Oct 01, 1994

The brakes went out on my new Dodge Intrepid after only 400 miles!

Dear Car Talk

I picked up a new Dodge Intrepid on Tuesday and on Saturday with miles driven the brakes went out Of course when the dealer picked up the car and checked the brake system nothing was wrong and no problems could...

brakes liability Dodge Intrepid