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Mar 01, 1999

Shouldn't the manufacturer pay to replace a defective seatbelt?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Saturn SL with miles I recently needed the passenger lap belt replaced due to faulty stitching near the buckle The dealer charged me for this repair I was under the impression that seat belts were covered by...

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Feb 01, 1999

Yet another victim of Chrysler/GM/Ford's delaminating paint problem.

Dear Car Talk

We have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Several years ago the paint on the roof started to peel We have notified Chrysler about the problem and have tried to work through their system The bottom line we get from them is...

paint liability Chrysler Ford GMC

Dec 01, 1998

Am I right to think a transmission should last more than 90k miles?

Dear Car Talk

I'm frustrated I have a ' Dodge Grand Caravan with approximately miles Recently while my wife was driving to work the transmission literally blew parts shot from the gear chamber to the torque converter chamber All totaled it cost for...

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Nov 01, 1998

If the differential drain plug is tightened to factory specifications, could it vibrate loose under normal driving conditions?

Dear Car Talk

My Toyota Camry's transmission just failed completely at miles It seems the differential drain plug was only finger-tight when they removed the transmission and because of that the fluid had leaked out There was less than a pint of fluid...

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Oct 01, 1998

Could a mechanic have removed the oil from my differential if it's a "closed system" without a drain plug?

Dear Car Talk

I have an Olds Bravada with miles on it Last month I had the car serviced oil lube brake work and set out on a trip After miles the front end differential went out I had it towed to a...

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Aug 01, 1998

How do I know if driving a mile with no oil in my car did any lasting damage?

Dear Car Talk

The unbelievable has happened I took my new ' Toyota Camry miles to a shop to have my oil changed Well they did a fine job of removing the old oil but dropped the ball when it came to adding...

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May 01, 1998

What happens to a car when you drop it on its side from six feet up?

Dear Car Talk

MAGLIOZZI Dear Tom and Ray I am in a quandary as to how to proceed Yesterday we took my wife's ' Olds Cutlass Ciera with miles to a shop for four new tires and an alignment The next thing I...


Apr 01, 1998

Do I have any recourse for the deteriorating paint job on my Mercury?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mercury Sable with miles and seriously deteriorating paint I bought the car new The guy at the independent paint shop said that the car's paint had been subject to a silent recall and that Mercury would repaint...

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Dec 01, 1997

No matter how poorly you've maintained your Buick, you still couldn't be possible for a timing chain failure at 34k miles.

Dear Car Talk

My wife has a Buick Skylark which seems to be overly plagued by problems Most recently at miles the timing chain broke The car was towed to a local Buick dealer They said the cause was poor maintenance and they...

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Dec 01, 1997

You paid for a new starter, but it was replacing the $11 "neutral safety switch" that fixed your Suburban.

Dear Car Talk

I had a problem with my ' Chevrolet Suburban For a period of approximately one month I could not get the engine started I'd turn the key and nothing at all would happen When I moved the shift handle slightly...

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