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May 01, 2002

Lexus, aka Toyota, dances around poor engine design by talking about "oil gelling".

Dear Car Talk

My wife owns a Lexus RX Recently we received a letter from Lexus on the subject of engine oil gelling The following is an exact quote from the letter Engine oil gelling occurs when old dirty oil becomes thick and...

recalls liability engines Lexus Toyota

Mar 01, 2002

Should the dealer who sold me this demo fix my leaky headlight?

Dear Car Talk

About a month ago we bought a new Ford Taurus wagon from a local dealer It was a demonstrator model and had about miles on it The dealer agreed to do some minor repairs that we noticed and he said...

liability dealers headlights

Jul 01, 2001

Is it possible to blow a main seal while changing a timing belt?

Dear Car Talk

Is my mechanic a crook I had the timing belt replaced on my Mitsubishi Eclipse The morning after I drove it home from the mechanic I noticed oil pouring out of the car It turns out that the rear main...

liability timing belts gaskets

Feb 01, 2001

If Honda issued a recall on a part only five days AFTER that part failed on my car, should they be liable for damages?

Dear Car Talk

Last month my Honda Accord died My mechanic says a seal broke and my camshaft snapped After some investigation on my own I found that American Honda recalled the Balancer Shaft Seal five days after my incident So to make...

recalls liability Honda

Feb 01, 2001

Who's at fault: the warranty company, the dealer, or Ford?

Dear Car Talk

AutoNation sold me a Ford F- with -inch wheels and a -inch spare I never knew this until I blew my front differential to bits I was about miles from the nearest town when I had to put on the...

liability warranties

Nov 01, 2000

Garage is asking me to pay for a new rod that THEY bent. What can I do?

Dear Car Talk

On Sunday after church my wife and I got into our Thunderbird and started the car It idled roughly and began missing and backfiring On Monday morning I nursed the car to my local Ford dealer It diagnosed the problem...


Apr 01, 2000

Have you heard of a problem with Ford Explorer alloy wheels coming off?

Dear Car Talk

This is the craziest thing I've ever experienced Two months ago I had the rear tires replaced on my ' Ford Explorer Two days ago the vehicle was wandering all over the road I thought I had serious alignment problems...

wheels liability Ford Explorer

Feb 01, 2000

Do Camry's always shake, like the dealer who sold it to me says?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota Camry When I bought the car it had about miles on it The day after I bought it I wanted my money back because the car SHAKES The dealer refused I called Toyota and they tell...

idling liability Toyota Camry

Nov 01, 1999

If the solenoids I paid to replace are later recalled am I entitles to a refund?

Dear Car Talk

My mother had the power door lock solenoids burn up while she was in her Toyota Camry She had to climb out the window to escape My father had to remove all of the solenoids himself so that the doors...

recalls solenoids liability Toyota

Jul 01, 1999

Was any permanent damage done when the oil change guys forgot to refill the oil?

Dear Car Talk

My son took his ' Ford Probe in for an oil change yesterday and they forgot to refill it with oil He drove it about miles before it quit on him He pulled into a parking lot and called me...

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