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texting while driving
Sep 23, 2010

National Distracted Driving Summit

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I just returned from the National Distracted Driving Summit in Washington DC. Here is my take on things...

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legislating handheld devices
May 22, 2010

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood Answers Nine Questions from Car Talk

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Tom and Ray sat down to ask Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood several questions about driver distraction.

distracted driving regulation legislation

distracted driving legislation
Mar 09, 2010

On Nanny State Legislation

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Texting while driving is dangerous. The odds of crashing are 8 times higher than driving without distraction. That’s worse than the crash risk for drivers intoxicated by alcohol at the legal limit!

distracted driving regulation legislation

Jan 01, 2000

Cell phone use while driving has tragically and irreversibly changed the life of this reader.

Dear Car Talk

My 2 1/2-year-old daughter Morgan Lee was killed as a result of an auto accident that occurred on Nov My vehicle was hit broadside by a man who admitted that he did not stop at the stop sign because he was...

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