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Radar detector on windshield
Jan 08, 2019

A Rant Against Radar Detectors

Jim Motavalli

They're expensive, stupid, and they don't even really work anymore. Here's an idea: just slow down.

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Ford Fusion with hood open
Oct 20, 2017

A Story of a Moron and His New Blue Lights

Tim Cotton

"No, I did not misuse the blue lights in order to take a parking space. At least not intentionally." 

law enforcement

Independence Day parades
Jul 03, 2017

A Curmudgeon's Guide to Surviving the 4th of July

Tim Cotton

Leading a rural New England parade also gives you an opportunity to use all the modes of the siren intermittently. Dogs hate you, kids love you, and parents put up with it because it’s the 4th of July.

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Pulled over for speeding
May 02, 2017

Speeding: How Fast Is Too Fast?

Tim Cotton

What can you get away with? We asked a cop. 

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Off-duty police officer wearing fanny pack
Jan 23, 2017

Will Hitchhike For Shrimp

Tim Cotton

Our blogger Tim Cotton on hitchhiking, police conferences and why it's always worth it to upgrade your rental car (when somebody else is paying.)

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Car with smashed window
Nov 30, 2016

To Lock or Not to Lock?

Tim Cotton

For some, that's actually a question! 

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Police dogs
Oct 28, 2016

What Happens When a K9 Cop Misses His Target?

Tim Cotton

Find out why "Officer" Ninja owes Sergeant Tim Cotton a new pair of pants. 

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Jun 17, 2016

He Can't Drive 55: Sammy Hagar and His Real-Life Fast Cars

Jim Motavalli

Sammy Hagar says  "I Can't Drive 55" is the reason he never gets a ticket from traffic cops when he's out airing his performance car collection--which includes seven Ferraris. 

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Can car wheels stop at different times
Feb 01, 2011

Can you be at a full stop... with a wheel still spinning?!

Dear Car Talk

I was ticketed recently for not stopping at a stop sign. I was sure I stopped. When I questioned the officer, he said all four wheels have to stop. The implication was that one or more of my wheels stopped...

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are used police cruisers good cars
Sep 01, 2009

In today's column: is buying a used police cruiser a good idea?

Dear Car Talk

I am looking for a used vehicle for less than $10,000, and I was curious about used police cruisers. I have heard that they are built for durability. But how reliable are they as used cars? A company I am looking...

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