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is there really a chip in new car keys
Mar 01, 2004

$37 for a key replacement at the Honda dealership?

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought a pre-owned Honda Civic LX Unfortunately it only came with one key so I am in the midst of trying to get a copy of my car key made The only thing is that the dealer keeps...

keys anti-theft Honda

Oct 01, 2001

Camrys are frequently stolen. How to prevent theft?

Dear Car Talk

My wife drives a Toyota Camry Recently it was stolen from in front of our house and abandoned rather banged up The locks however were undamaged The cop said Camrys are so common that car thieves have master keys for...

anti-theft keys Toyota Camry

Apr 01, 1999

$124 for two extra Honda keys...why so pricey?

Dear Car Talk

We recently purchased our fourth Honda Accord and I am now disgusted amazed angry and upset I went back to the dealer to get two keys for my wife Normally the cost would be about six bucks The dealer said...


Aug 01, 1994

Maybe you can satisfy my curiosity on a matter that...

Dear Car Talk

Maybe you can satisfy my curiosity on a matter that I have occasionally pondered over the last quarter-century It concerns GM's practice of providing one key that operates the ignition only and a second key that operates the doors glove...


Jun 01, 1994

I have noticed a dangerous design flaw perpetrated by most...

Dear Car Talk

I have noticed a dangerous design flaw perpetrated by most auto manufacturers but not often noted in the public press Don't you just hate the way the auto manufacturers now make ignition keys with the extra long shafts The long...


Oct 01, 1991

Why two keys for a car?

Dear Car Talk

Why is it necessary to have two different keys for a vehicle--one to open the door and one to start the engine Wouldn't a single key would make life much easier Joseph RAY I think it's part of the government's...


Sep 01, 1990

How many keychain charms are too many?

Dear Car Talk

My husband and I are having an argument that I hope you can settle My key chain has a lot of items hanging on it very few of which are keys I have charms key chains with funny sayings polished...

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