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Locked out by a Dead Fob
Apr 17, 2018

Locked out by a Dead Fob

Dear Car Talk

Here's how to get home when your key fob fails.

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Feb 21, 2017

Starting Problem May Be Due to Bad Immobilizer

Dear Car Talk

Bill's son is set to buy grandma's Accord, but the car seems alarmed at the prospect. What's causing the Honda to balk at starting when it's warm?

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Car with smashed window
Nov 30, 2016

To Lock or Not to Lock?

Tim Cotton

For some, that's actually a question! 

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smart phone car keys
Sep 06, 2016

Virtual Car Keys Are Coming...to Your Smartphone

Jim Motavalli

That key fob you've been jingling in your pocket since the dawn of time? Wave it goodbye. It's migrating to an app, and we're going to be emailing keys to friends. Should we be worried?

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Putting your keys in the freezer
Oct 14, 2015

Busting Thieves By Putting Your Key in the Freezer: Boooogus!

Staff Blog

We got an email from Marianne giving us the business for suggesting thieves can't read the code from your keyless entry remote and open your car door.

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Aug 27, 2015

Can Keyless Entry be a Deadly Option?

Jim Motavalli

A new federal suit charges that automakers need to retrofit cars so that people don't leave them running in the garage--and invite carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Lincoln MKX sunroof opens when doors unlock
Jun 25, 2015

Today: Why Does the Sunroof Open When the Doors Unlock?

Dear Car Talk

When Kathy uses the key fob to unlock her doors, the windows and sunroof open too. Is this an electrical problem? Or is it more of a "failure to read the owner's manual" problem?

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can thieves capture the electronic information from your key fob
Oct 01, 2010

Thieves can capture your key fob's code. Urban legend-- or not?

Dear Car Talk

I got an e-mail this morning from our company's internal security department about locking your car with the remote key fob. The memo cites the story of a woman in a shopping center who noticed two guys in a car...

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Aug 01, 2007

How did someone steal Carolina's car, without the slightest damage? Find out how it was done.

Dear Car Talk

My 1994 Honda Civic was recently recovered after it had been stolen about a month ago. My family and I are pretty perplexed as to how it got stolen. No windows were broken, the car was locked and the ignition switch...

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