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Automotive recycling center
Feb 08, 2018

How to Find the Parts You Need at a Junkyard

Dear Car Talk

It's not junk; it's a treasure trove of elusive bits and pieces.

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How auto salvage yards work
Sep 01, 2009

Today: the many uses of your local auto junkyard.

Dear Car Talk

I have an old 1995 Toyota Celica with 180,000 miles on it. It's in great shape, but the driver's seat has become worn and broken -- so broken that an upholstery shop cannot repair it. Buying new aftermarket seats is expensive, and...


Jul 01, 2000

Which is better: selling my Camry outright or parting it out?

Dear Car Talk

I'd like your advice on whether I'd make more money selling my ' Camry All-Trac outright or by parting it out The car has miles and will soon need a new transmission valve job struts and who knows what else...

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Jul 01, 1999

Can I enlarge my Voyager's seating capacity with a "new" seat from the junkyard?

Dear Car Talk

My family has just been enlarged by three boys under the age of Grandma got custody My question is is it possible to enlarge the seating capacity of my ' Plymouth Voyager from a five-passenger van to a seven-passenger We...

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Oct 01, 1995

What can I do with a car that isn't fit to sell?

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Buick with a dead battery that didn't run very well even when the battery wasn't dead I have to admit it's not worth much of anything so I don't feel right selling it to anybody Other...

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May 01, 1992

We ain't junk yards!

Dear Car Talk

I enjoy your column I find your wit and humor mix well with your obvious mechanical expertise I've just got one gripe It's the way you refer to Auto Salvage Yards as Junk Yards Come on fellas We have enough...


Nov 01, 1990

Unocal oil company saves world from unsightly jalopies

Dear Car Talk

ideas TOM What You going to keep quiet this week RAY No listen to what the Unocal oil company is doing in California They're crushing thousands of old jalopies TOM That's terrible Someone call the police Tell them to keep...

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