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Jan 01, 2002

Am I a jerk for refusing to jump-start another vehicle?

Dear Car Talk

Following the advice of my mechanic I recently refused to give someone a jump-start for fear of racking up another bill for a new alternator Was I a bad Samaritan or was I justified in leaving this guy stranded --...

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Dec 01, 2001

Using a 50 cent piece to hotwire a car?

Dear Car Talk

In the s and ' s I spent a fair amount of time in Ford V- s with my friend Herb Johnson When one of these Fords wouldn't start because of a low battery combined with a Minnesota winter morning...


May 01, 2000

Is the "Auto Starter" a viable jump-starting alternative?

Dear Car Talk

My husband and I enjoy your column each week Thank you for the fun and useful information Editor's note -- this letter may have been mistakenly sent to Tom and Ray Enclosed is an advertisement for the Auto Starter a...

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Dec 01, 1998

Is my battery suffering from always jump-starting my friend's car?

Dear Car Talk

My loser friend keeps asking me to jump-start his loser car I've done it about five times now and I'm about ready to tell him where he can put his jumper cables Is my battery going to suffer from all...

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Aug 01, 1997

The starter, solenoid, and battery cables have all been replaced, so why the smoke coming from the ground wire?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Mercury Marquis sold to me by a family friend that has been a money pit and the bane of my existence for two years now The car was getting more and more difficult to start One day...

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Jun 01, 1997

What is the correct way to use jumper cables to start one's car?

Dear Car Talk

Although it's too late for me since I've already done irreparable damage just what is the correct way to use jumper cables to start one's car I've heard every possible variation on how to connect and start one's dead car...


Jul 01, 1992

What happens when you plug a jumper cable in to a cigarette lighter?

Dear Car Talk

There are jumper cables being advertised for use between cigarette lighters They look great Are they Bill TOM No they're not It's another case of something that sounds too good to be true and IS too good to be true...


Jul 01, 1990

Jumping a car from the cigarette lighter...

Dear Car Talk

My question is about the new type of jumper cables that you plug into the cigarette lighter Are they completely safe and worthwhile If they are this scardey cat would be a lot less reluctant to jump start her car...


Nov 01, 1989

The proper jump start procedure...

Dear Car Talk

A friend needed a jump start the other day He attached the last negative cable to his negative battery terminal I said he should have attached it to a metal surface other than the battery Who was correct John RAY...


Sep 01, 1989

Why did my electricity fail after jump starting another car?

Dear Car Talk

One cold winter night I pulled into a parking lot with my Pontiac LeMans Before I shut down the engine somebody asked for a jump start Me being the nice guy that I am and she being of the opposite...

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