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My Headliner Is Falling, My Headliner Is Falling!
Jan 02, 2020

My Headliner Is Falling, My Headliner Is Falling!

Dear Car Talk

Sagging headliner repairs might stick it to your wallet.

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how can i remove a horrible pet smell from my car
Oct 02, 2012

Is There Any Hope for Joan's Stinky Prius?

Dear Car Talk

Joan's brother's dog befouled the backseat of her Prius and three years later, it still stinks! Can Tom and Ray help Joan out or is she doomed to spend the rest of her days driving a rolling olfactory nightmare?

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how can i prevent fleas in my car
Sep 04, 2012

Today: My Mechanic Has Fleas!

Dear Car Talk

Karen just got her car back from the shop and now it's full of fleas! Turns out Tom and Ray are suspiciously knowledgable about flea infestations. Find out what they suggest for Karen right here.

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how should I clean the headliner of my car
May 01, 2011

Today: headliner cleaning tips that keep the sky from falling.

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased a '99 Chevy Suburban. It's replacing an '87 Suburban (which I call my Sanford and Son truck, and my daughter simply calls "Rusty"). The '99 is a great vehicle, in good shape, but is pretty grubby inside...

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can i clean out the weep channels in my car myself
Nov 01, 2010

Today: Tom and Ray help Annah de-leakify her Camry's roof.

Dear Car Talk

A few years ago, our 1998 Camry started to leak water inside. This is a problem in Oregon, so we took it in for repair, and 500 dollars later, they told us that they cleared the "weep channels" in the sunroof. Evidently...

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will an undercoat on my car make it quieter inside
Apr 01, 2004

How can I get my car as quiet as possible on the inside?

Dear Car Talk

My youngest son has been diagnosed with autism One of the problems that can be faced by autistic people is an oversensitivity to sound Certain sounds can be very painful to them Well while we were on our way home...

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does leather absorb more heat than cloth in terms of car upholstery
Jan 01, 2003

Will a black car with leather interior get too hot in the summer?

Dear Car Talk

I desperately need your help My dear husband of years has given me the privilege of choosing a brand-new car Everything was going so well until it came to my choice of color I chose an Accord EX in black...

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Oct 01, 2002

Are leather seats worth the extra cost?

Dear Car Talk

We are getting ready to have our first baby and are thinking about buying a VW Passat We are trying to make it as cheap as possible and are cutting corners but I am really having a hard time about...


May 01, 2001

What is "out-gassing" and is it dangerous?

Dear Car Talk

What is the film that develops on the inside of my car windows It's especially bad on the front windshield I used to think it was cigarette smoke but I quit that filthy habit Any clues -- Clint RAY It's...

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Jul 01, 2000

How can I keep my new leather seats looking new?

Dear Car Talk

I just bought a Ford Explorer XLT with leather seats Since this is my first time owning leather seats I'd like to know if there are any special techniques to care for my leather upholstery I ask this question because...

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