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Mazda3 Infotainment Menu Screen
Oct 26, 2017

If You Take My CD Player Away, How About Giving Me Something Better?

Jim Motavalli

I'll change my ways and use modern infotainment systems--after they work better than my trusty in-dash CD player. 

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Honda Civic infotainment problems
Nov 19, 2016

First Signs of the Carpocalypse – 2016 Honda Civic

Car Talk Car Complaints

In our latest edition of First Signs of the Carpocalypse, we examine the new 2016 Honda Civic and its owner-reported infotainment snafus. 

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History of music in cars
Jun 12, 2015

Before Bluetooth: The History of Car Audio for Dopes

Craig Fitzgerald

You kids have it easy. You jump in the car with your phone in your pocket and your car is smart enough to recognize the music there and starts playing it automatically, LIKE MAGIC. In my day, we had primitive methods for getting music in the car AND WE LIKED IT. Here's a look at how we got music in cars in the days before Bluetooth.

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