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May 01, 1995

What could be causing this "washboard" effect in my Tercel?

Dear Car Talk

Our Toyota Tercel has a peculiar problem that we haven't been able to demonstrate for our Toyota dealer or our local mechanic When the car has been out in the rain overnight parked on the street as usual after starting...


Mar 01, 1994

A friend and I both have Chevrolet Berettas His is...

Dear Car Talk

A friend and I both have Chevrolet Berettas His is an ' mine is a ' We both have the same problem At times when the ignition key is turned on a puff of smoke and even a flame shoot...

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Nov 01, 1993

A misfiring engine on a Ford Pinto.

Dear Car Talk

I own a Ford Pinto Oh boy that has a peculiar problem I will be cruising down the highway when all of a sudden the engine will start to miss The miss gets more and more severe until I have...


Aug 01, 1993

Could a faulty ignition system cause your garage door to open by itself?

Dear Car Talk

I have a white ' Olds Starfire About every third or fourth time I pull into the driveway the electric garage door opens Sometimes the door opens when I'm pulling out of the driveway There is no control for the...

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Mar 01, 1992

What useful function does the ingnition button serve?

Dear Car Talk

Whenever I rent a car that has a button that must be pushed before the ignition key can be released I become curious What useful function does this button serve Jan TOM Good question Jan I don't think it serves...


Nov 01, 1991

The Volare with the bad ballast resistor

Dear Car Talk

I have a Volare that's really been a great car In fact it's the only car I've ever owned However one small problem is that it won't start on cold days I have to park on an incline so that...


Sep 01, 1990

Beverly'The "no-start" phase

Dear Car Talk

I own a Nissan small pick-up with an automatic transmission Overall performance and experience with the vehicle have been good But about one year into ownership the truck began entering no-start phases which come about once a month or so...

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