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is it bad to crank the ignition right away
Nov 01, 2010

Today: Annette copes with a micromanaging husband.

Dear Car Talk

My husband always gets mad because I immediately crank the ignition of our 2005 Honda Element. He tells me that I should wait a few seconds and listen for the fuel pump to fill. Is this true, or he is just...

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how can i stop my car from leaving the fan and stereo on when parked
Sep 01, 2007

Why is the fan running in Brad's car, long after he's done driving? Auto-poltergeist... or something more earthly?

Dear Car Talk

Last night, my neighbor knocked on my door an hour after I got home. He asked me if I had left my car running for a reason. I told him that I had turned off the car and had the...


Oct 01, 2001

Why won't this car start when the windows are closed on a hot day?

Dear Car Talk

I need your help in solving a problem that really has me stumped My Nissan Sentra has a few strange habits most of which I can live with -- but not this one When the car sits in the sun...

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Jul 01, 2001

Is it possible for an ignition spark to be TOO hot?

Dear Car Talk

Can one have too hot an ignition spark There are several aftermarket ignition systems available for older car engines most claiming to produce more voltage than stock systems But can you overdo it Will too hot a spark wear out...

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Oct 01, 2000

What's behind this 4-Runner's red hot exhaust manifold?

Dear Car Talk

My ' Toyota Runner's exhaust manifold turns cherry red every time I drive it I know this is not normal but I haven't found a mechanic who can diagnose the problem First I brought it to the exhaust shop because...


Jun 01, 1999

Why aren't headlights designed to shut off when you turn off the ignition?

Dear Car Talk

Can you tell me why car makers don't connect the headlight switch to the ignition switch Every morning or after a heavy rain you drive into any parking lot and see a dozen cars parked with the headlights on resulting...

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Feb 01, 1998

What to do about an '81 backfiring Chevy...short of buying a '91.

Dear Car Talk

I have an ' Chevy Caprice and it backfires What do I have to do to correct this problem -- Lawrence RAY Get a ' Chevy Caprice TOM Most of the backfiring I've seen on these cars is the type...

carburetors ignition

Feb 01, 1998

A Ford that's bucking like a Bronco just might need a new electronic ignition control module.

Dear Car Talk

My ' Ford LTD runs great most of the time But every so often it will cut out and buck like a bronco Usually an increase or decrease in acceleration will clear it up But sometimes I have to pull...


Oct 01, 1997

A car starting infrequently when the key is turned could be caused by a number of things. Here's where to look.

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Camaro -- and believe it or not my name is NOT Donna -- that I think either has an electrical short or a key that isn't working properly Sometimes I turn the key in the ignition...

starters ignition diagnostics

Apr 01, 1996

Sluggish starts? Check these three things.

Dear Car Talk

My Renault Alliance -liter has more power in Reverse than in Drive What can I do to stop the sluggishness when starting from a stopped position -- Ariel RAY The truth is most cars feel zippy in Reverse because the...

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