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does it make any sense at all to turn off your truck at every traffic stop
Nov 01, 2007

Is it loony to turn off your truck at every stop?

Dear Car Talk

I suppose it goes without saying that any father-in-law seems crazy to the son-in-law, and, perhaps more emphatically, the son-in-law seems crazy to the father-in-law (What? This thing hoodwinked my daughter, etc.?) But let me present a specific case that...

idling fuel economy

Jul 01, 2007

Idling for long periods might not damage your car -- but there are other reasons why it's a lousy idea.

Dear Car Talk

I heard a caller on your show describe sitting in her car for 20 minutes while it idled so she could run her air conditioner and listen to her stereo. I couldn't have been the only one who cringed at that...


Apr 01, 2007

How long should Carolee let her VW warm up on those chilly Chicago mornings?

Dear Car Talk

I have a 2002 VW Passat. I live in the Chicago suburbs. I park it outside in a public lot all day while I'm at work. How long should I let the car warm up before driving it home at the...

winter driving tips idling

Jan 01, 2007

Today: An idle question when it comes to oil changes.

Dear Car Talk

You guys are great Thanks for all your knowledge and insights My question My vehicle's manufacturer suggests changing the oil every miles If I were averaging a speed of mph for that miles it would take just over hours to...

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how much should i charge my employer for the time i spend idling in my car
Nov 01, 2006

How much gas and money is Steve wasting, idling his Corolla? Tom and Ray do the math.

Dear Car Talk

My job requires me to spend a lot of time in my car every day -- not only driving, but parked, working on my laptop. I estimate that the car is sitting at idle for approximately one hour every day...


what car damage does idling for six hours cause
Jan 01, 2005

We have a ' Toyota Camry LE with a V-...

Dear Car Talk

We have a ' Toyota Camry LE with a V- engine I just got off the phone with my husband and he told me he parked the car at his office this morning removed something from the trunk and walked...


should i run the engine continuously or stop and start it if i am stuck in a blizzard
Sep 01, 2004

Myth alert: starting a car consumes more gasoline than letting it run continuously.

Dear Car Talk

Living in Colorado I wonder about being stuck in the snow in a blizzard Let's say I have a full tank of gas and keep the tailpipe clear Is it better to start the car every few minutes to run...

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as a police officer is it really ok for my car to always be idling during surveillance
Apr 01, 2004

Is leaving an engine idling for hours at a time while we run surveilance missions ruining our engines?

Dear Car Talk

I work in law enforcement on a surveillance unit We often have to sit in our vehicles for long periods of time sometimes with the engine running Is it hard on a vehicle for it to idle in a stationary...


why not let your engine warm up on cold mornings
May 01, 2003

Why is it bad to let a car idle on cold mornings?

Dear Car Talk

I know we aren't supposed to let our vehicles sit outside on frigid mornings motor on idling to warm up while we quaff another cup of Earl Grey I've heard you mention that before What I can't remember is why...

idling winter

Oct 01, 2002

My wife has accidentally parked and left her car running all day. What's the damage?

Dear Car Talk

I have a troubling situation to ask you about Three times in the past several months my wife has parked her car gotten out and absent-mindedly left this ' Mazda running Once she left it running all day at her...