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Ford considers hybrid Mustang
Jan 07, 2017

Ford to Build Mustang and F-150 Hybrids, Plus 300-Mile Electric Car

Jim Motavalli

Ford is making a big commitment to electrics, including electrifying its iconic sports cars and trucks. And, oh yes, it's cancelling that hated Mexican small car plant.

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is the chrysler pacifica a good choice for the owners of some big dogs
Oct 25, 2016

Reader Seeks Ray's Approval on the Latest Chrysler Family Hauler

Dear Car Talk

Will Deborah be happy with the new Pacifica? Ray chimes in with his own Chrysler minivan experience.

buying minivans hybrids Chrysler Pacifica

Jun 14, 2016

Want an SUV or Crossover? At Least Make It Green

Jim Motavalli

There are some great crossover choices that come in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery flavors. Maybe not the best ride for the Oscars or a Greenpeace rally, but at least not embarrassing.  


can gas get old in hybrid engines that don't use much
Jun 09, 2016

Can Gasoline "Go Bad" in Hybrids?

Dear Car Talk

If your hybrid doesn't use the engine much, is it possible for the gasoline to "go bad" over time? Ray injects some know-how into the question.

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Prius battery life
May 26, 2016

Is Battery Life a Deal-Breaker on a Prius?

Dear Car Talk

Lois wants a new Prius and needs to know if the battery will go the distance. 

hybrid repair batteries hybrids Toyota Prius 2016

Mar 11, 2016

Adventures With 'Ol Sparkie

Jim Motavalli

Are green cars, hybrids and electrics, complicated and unreliable? The evidence--like a trouble-free 300,000-mile Chevy Volt--proves otherwise.


Mar 02, 2016

Meet the World's First Hybrid Car--Built in 1896

Jim Motavalli

An American genius named Harry Dey introduced the Armstrong Phaeton hybrid car to an indifferent world before the turn of the century. It had a self-starter, a semi-automatic transmission, and could run on gas, electric power, or both. The one example has just been restored and is headed for auction.

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Are Hybrids worth the cost
Oct 06, 2015

Should Ken Get the Hybrid?

Dear Car Talk

Ken loves his old Highlander Hybrid, and is ready to replace it with another but he's not sure the cost justifies the gas savings right now. Car Talk's advice right here.

buying hybrids Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2016

Feb 19, 2015

A Green Choice for Suburbia: Volvo's Seven-Seat, 59 MPGe Plug-in Hybrid

Jim Motavalli

The XC90 is the world's first seven-seat PHEV, and unless the price turns out to be crazy it should be a big hit as an environmentally friendly family hauler

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How regenerative braking works
Oct 21, 2014

Is Braking Etiquette Different for Hybrids and EVs?

Dear Car Talk

John has always hated those drivers who race to the stoplight and then slam on the brakes. It wastes gas and doesn't save any time. But for electric or hybrid cars with regenerative braking, is this really such a stupid maneuver? Find out what Tom and Ray say, right here.  

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